Why Camille Lamb Went Back to Below Deck After Alissa Humber Was Fired?

Why Camille Lamb Went Back to Below Deck After Alissa Humber Was Fired?

At the end of the February 13 episode of Below Deck, Captain Sandy Yawn was debating whether or not to fire the second stew, Alissa Humber.

After an interior crew member called the captain by her first name, Captain Sandy called Alissa back to the bridge to talk to her about her repeated “disobedience.

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In the first few seconds of the February 20 episode, Captain Sandy told Alissa why that comment bothered her so much.

“Alissa, when you said, ‘Yes, Sandy, I mean Captain,’ that was the f—k you in my face,” said Captain Sandy. “No matter what job you have, you have to respect the order of things.”

The Under Deck The Mediterranean captain told everyone on the boat what happened to Alissa. She told him, “I’m letting you go.”

What Did Alissa Say when She Was Fired “Short and Sweet”?

She told the temporary captain’s replacement, “Thank you,” and the captain’s replacement asked Ross McHarg to walk Alissa off the boat. Alissa told the Bosun that she thought it was “so funny” that she was fired.

“I really didn’t do anything,” she told Fraser Olender, Tyler Walker, and Hayley De Sola Pinto after she told them the news.

Alissa wrote a confessional about her firing before she left the ship for good.

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The former second stew said, “I do feel like a scapegoat.” “I’m the only one who had the courage to speak up and defend our team besides Fraser. It’s impossible to replace Fraser, so she had to get the next best thing, and that was me.

She ended by saying that she was getting off the boat with “a full heart and tired feet.”

Even though Captain Sandy stood by her choice, she didn’t like having to let Alissa go.

“Firing a crew member is never fun,” said Captain Sandy. “You’re taking away their source of income, and as captain, I have to make the hard choices and live with them.”

As viewers may remember, Alissa wasn’t the first St. David crew member to lose her job during the charter season. Sandy fired deckhand Camille Lamb early in the season because she kept fighting with Alissa.

When the rest of the crew heard that Alissa had been fired, deckhand Ben Willoughby Facetimed Camille to tell her. The fired deck-stew told Ben that all she had to say about the situation was “Good riddance,” but when she went back to Below Deck for a confessional, she had more to say.


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Camille said in an interview about Alissa’s firing, “I’ve been vindicated.” “I always saw her being, for lack of a better word, bad, and now she’s shown her face.

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I’m glad that other people could see what I saw. Use the hashtag #JusticeforCamille.”

Even though Camille was glad to hear that her former boss had been fired, their relationship has gotten a lot better since they were both on St. David.

During an interview with E! News, Alissa said that they had talked a few times since Season 10 started.

“We talk more than I thought we would,” Alissa said of herself and Camille. “Camille has reached out to me a few times, and we’ve both said what we needed to say.