The Creator of HBO’s “Succession” Says that It Will End After Season 4.

The Creator of HBO's

The HBO drama “Succession,” which won an Emmy, is coming to an end. The show’s creator and showrunner, Jesse Armstrong, told The New Yorker that the show’s fourth season would be it’s last. He said that he wanted viewers to know that the show would be ending before the season started.

“I feel like I have a duty to the audience, and I wouldn’t want to hear, “That’s it, guys. This was the end,’ “In an interview that was published Thursday, Armstrong told the magazine.

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“I like to run the writing room by coming in with an idea and then being open to other ideas,” he said. “The ending became clearer as I wrote and even as we started filming. I told the cast, “I’m not sure for sure, but I think this is it.”

Armstrong also said that it was hard to say there would be no more seasons because he didn’t want to “keep being sad about having to stop doing something I really, really enjoyed.” Even though he decided to end the show in the end, he says he still feels “deeply conflicted.”

Armstrong said, “It’s been hard to decide because the collaborations with the cast, my fellow writers, Nick Britell, Mark Mylod, and the other directors have been so good.” “I feel like the circus has left town,” I said. “Everyone who works on a good production gets that feeling, and this one in particular.”

In “Succession,” the Roy family, which owns a huge media company, fights for control of the business while the patriarch, played by Brian Cox, has health problems.

On March 26, the new season will begin. So far, “Succession” has been nominated for 48 Emmys and won 13.