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Paris Hilton Says She Had an Abortion When She Was In Her 20s: “I Was a Kid, and I Wasn’t Ready for That.”

Paris Hilton Says She Had an Abortion When She Was In Her 20s: "I Was a Kid, and I Wasn't Ready for That."

Last month, social media mogul and reality TV star Paris Hilton and her venture capitalist husband Carter Reum welcomed their first child via surrogate. Since then, the new mother has been sharing updates and pictures of her baby boy, Phoenix Barron. Glamour Magazine said that in a recent interview, the celebrity talked about how she had an abortion when she was in her early 20s because she “was not ready for it.”

Ms. Hilton said she didn’t feel comfortable talking about having a pregnancy end at that time. “This was another thing I didn’t want to talk about because it was so embarrassing. I was a kid and I wasn’t ready for that, “said she.

After the US Supreme Court decided in June 2022 to overturn Roe v. Wade and the right to an abortion, she felt compelled to use her fame to speak out. “I think it’s a big deal. There are just so many politics and other things going on around it, but it’s a woman’s body… Why should that be the basis of law?” Mrs. Hilton told the magazine.

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The American star also said, “I really believe that it’s your body and your choice what you do with it. It’s crazy to me that there are laws about what you can and can’t do for your reproductive health. If it were the other way around with men, it wouldn’t be this way at

In the interview, Ms. Hilton also said that seeing a birth while filming “The Simple Life” “traumatized” her, which is why she chose to have her baby through a surrogate. “But I want a family so badly that the only thing stopping me is the way I look. I’m so scared. The only things that scare me more than anything else in the world is giving birth and dying “she told the newsgroup. all.”

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