Lookism Anime Season 2 Release Date: Is It Going to Release in 2023!


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The popularity of Netflix‘s Lookism has led many to wonder if the show would return for a second season. A heavyset adolescent transfers to a new school and faces bullying due to his appearance in Lookism.

There’s been a surge in the show’s devoted fan base, and they’re all waiting in bated breath for news of a possible second season. The show’s popularity lies in its ability to speak to young people on important topics like body shaming and self-acceptance.

What Is the Status of Lookism Season 2 Renewal?

We’re currently debating whether to order a second season of Lookism. The show’s future is something that viewers are eagerly anticipating; many of them are hoping for a second season. The first season was well-received, and many fans want to see more of their favorite characters and plot lines from that season.


The show’s success with audiences and critics suggests it will likely return for a second season. If this occurs, we can expect to see more of the characters dealing with complex issues such as bullying, discovering their own identity, and boosting their own self-confidence.

The audience may also be expecting a lot of laughs. We’re crossing our fingers for Lookism Season 2, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Possible Release Date for Lookism Season 2

The long-awaited second season of the popular South Korean webtoon Lookism will soon be available. Since its 2022 debut, a dedicated following of Lookism viewers has been waiting expectantly for the show’s second season. Season 2 will premiere in 2023, as has been verified.

94-4882115It’s sure to be a good addition to the series thanks to its unique take on controversial topics like prejudice and acceptance. Fans look forward to new story developments and the continuation of the characters’ stories in upcoming episodes. With deep character exploration, exciting set pieces, and intriguing ideas, this season promises to be riveting from beginning to end.

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What Is the Narrative Behind Lookism?

In his whole 17 years on this planet, Park Hyung Suk has never risen above the lowest rungs of society. He is accustomed to the constant taunting and teasing he receives from his other students due to his outward look (he is short, overweight, and unsightly).

Because of his deadliest bully, Lee Tae Sung, he goes to Jae Won High School, a Seoul liberal arts preparatory school notorious for its party atmosphere and reckless students.

92-1765593Hyung Suk’s body transforms from its usual roundness to perfection in the days leading up to his transfer. Hyung Suk is now the most handsome, physically fit, and tall version of himself. There is just one catch: he still has his “real” body right next to him, and if he sleeps in either one, he will wake up in the other.

Hyung Suk now has two very different bodies and must adjust to his new, more popular existence at J High while simultaneously trying to discover the origin of his second, nearly superhuman body.

Overview of Season 1 of Lookism

Park Hyeong-seok has been bullied for so long that he has decided to start over somewhere else. There will soon be a dramatic shift in his life.

Although Hyeong-seok spends his days in his new body at school and his nights as his true self at his part-time job, he notices no difference.

While the new Hyeong-seok makes friends for the first time, the old Hyeong-seok is helped in his fight against bullies by a student known only by his nickname, Basco.

Following a quick change, Hyeong-seok brings his mom out to a cafe. The sight of them together infuriates Basco, who feels a sense of moral superiority and justifiable wrath.

Hyeong-seok does more than just aid his fellow students when they’re having academic difficulties; he also periodically receives presents and assistance from a fellow student who remains nameless.

Despite his classmates’ best efforts to derail his aspirations of becoming a rap artist, Pyeon Deok-Hwa is considering giving a performance at the upcoming school festival.

Hyeong-seok finds his voice with the help of Deok-tutelage, and the two quickly become close friends united by their shared love of music.

All the performers are in fierce rivalry on the day of the event. A musician named Hyeong-seok and another named Deok-hwa put aside their differences to perform an emotional song together.

Spoilers for Lookism Season 2

93-3-7305003Even though there has been no official announcement of Lookism’s first season. Since this is no longer the case, it is unnecessary to assume the spoiler. Don’t worry; we’ll update you with any new information we find on this subject as soon as we can.

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What to Expect from Season 2 of Lookism

I can already tell that Lookism’s second season is going to be even more fun than the first. Complex plots and stories, with in-depth looks at the individuals and their relationships, are on the horizon.

The show will continue its groundbreaking examination of questions of self-acceptance and identity, as well as its in-depth examination of the realities of living with physical disparities.

There will be thrilling action sequences, but there will also be dramatic, heart-pounding moments that will keep us on the edge of our seats. Season 2 of Lookism boasts an impressive cast and creative team, promising an exciting and thought-provoking season that viewers won’t want to miss.