A Match Made in Heaven by Chance: Chapter 56 Release Date Revealed

A Match Made in Heaven by Chance: Chapter 56 Release Date Revealed

“Match Made in Heaven by Chance” is perfect for you if you like romantic comedies with a little bit of drama. This manhwa tells the story of Jia Han and Jin Mancheol, two childhood friends who are now in their thirties and whose parents are always bugging them about getting married.

One day, they ran into each other by accident near a convenience store. As they caught up and talked about how much their parents fussed about them getting married, Jia Han joked that they should get married just to stop their parents from always bugging them.

A Match Made in Heaven by Chance Chapter 56:Release Date

A Match Made in Heaven by Chance Written by honeyskein and officially published by Naver, webtoon comes out every week. The author hasn’t confirmed a release date yet, but based on what’s happened in the past, we can say that new chapters of this manhwa come out every Friday.


So, the next chapter of Match Made in Heaven by Chance will come out on Friday, March 24, 2023.

A Match Made in Heaven by Chance Chapter 55: A Recap

The chapter starts with Jia Han going on a walk with Jin Mancheol’s mom, who wants to talk to her about something. Mancheols’ mother then tells Jia that she knows about their contract marriage because she found the contract last night.

We know that Mancheol’s mother was the strict head teacher of the school that Jia and Mancheol went to. Jia has a pretty good idea of how angry she can get. Jia is worried that his mother will now try to break them up, but to her surprise, she is fine with it.

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His mother thinks that as long as Mancheol is cared for and taken care of, it doesn’t matter to her who he is with or if his partner loves him or not. Later in the chapter, Jia drops a truth bomb that surprises both the mother and the readers. She goes on to say that she has fallen in love with Mancheol and that she genuinely cares about him, even though the marriage is a contract.

After this, Mancheol’s mother leaves, feeling happy that both of them are doing well. Jia and Mancheol can get back to their normal lives and stop acting like newlyweds all day. This makes Jia a little uneasy, so she works up the courage to ask Mancheol if they should start dating for real now so they won’t have to put on a show in the future.

A Match Made in Heaven by Chance Chapter 56:Spoilers

Since the last chapter ended on such an interesting note, fans can’t wait for the next one to come out. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official spoilers or raw scans yet. All we have are the many fan theories.

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Some fans think that Jia getting all flustered will mess up and make things awkward for a couple of chapters. There is one more group of fans who want things to move at the same pace in the next chapter so that we can finally see Jia and Mancheol in a relationship where both of them are honest with each other.

A Match Made in Heaven by Chance Chapter 56: Where to Watch

The official publishing rights for the comic lie with the Naver series and Naver webtoons. You can read all of the latest chapters up to chapter 55 on their website.

Webtoons also have the right to publish this, and they have all the latest chapters, but only in their mobile app, not on their website.