Did Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle Break Up? Here Are All the Facts


Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle are one of the most well-known YouTube couples of this generation.

In a YouTube video posted on July 20, 2022, they hinted that their relationship might be over.

Did Lev Cameron and Piper Rockelle Break Up? Here Are All the Facts

Lev and Piper posted a video that told people what was going on in their relationship. During the video, they answered a number of questions that their fans had sent in. There’s good news for anyone who has been rooting for this YouTube couple for life.


From the way they were acting in the YouTube video, it’s clear that they’re still together. One of the questions they were asked was if they had ever been in a real fight or not.

They said that they had had small fights in the past, but never big ones. Piper said that when they fight, it’s usually not about them, but about someone else. The couple was also asked who makes the decisions in their relationship.

Relationship Between Lev and Piper

A prank video is pretty common for a YouTube couple to make at some point during their relationship. And their prank video has to be about one of them breaking up with the other. Finally, they decide it was just a joke, and everything goes back to normal.


Lev and Piper have also played the same kind of jokes on each other. But the truth is that they’re still together and happy in their relationship. Both Lev and Piper have been posting videos regularly to their own channels.

Journey of Piper and Lev

Lev and Piper’s relationship seems to be going well, and their fans wish them the best. Piper has wanted to dance and sing since she was a little girl. So, she started working when she was young. Piper had been in a number of beauty contests and then went on to model. All of this happened before she decided to make herself known on social media.

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Piper then made a YouTube account for herself. Lev was born on October 11, 2005, in the year 2005. He started taking dance lessons when he was young because he liked to dance. Piper has now been on a number of popular dancing reality shows. He is also well-known for his part in the hit music video “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake.

Are Lev and Piper Dating?

Piper and her boyfriend Lev are still going strong. Updates and photos show that their relationship is still going strong. Lev and Piper often post on each other’s social media accounts. When a new person sees this movie, they might think they are no longer together. At the end of the video, the prank’s real purpose is shown. Piper and Lev haven’t broken up yet.

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Piper and Lev Break Up

Not surprisingly, they started dating in May 2020. Lev and Piper often post on each other’s social media accounts. All reports say that Piper and her boyfriend Lev are still going strong and have wowed their fans with multiple updates and photos.