The Net Worth of Bader Shammas: An Overview of His Wealth

The Net Worth of Bader Shammas: An Overview of His Wealth

Bader Shammas is an assistant vice president at Credit Suisse who works in finance. He lives in Dubai. He is best known as the actor Lindsay Lohan’s husband.

Shammas was born in Kuwait, but he and his wife, Lindsay, now live in Dubai. He works as a vice president for Credit Suisse, an investment bank, and is based in Dubai. He’s been in the job since 2018.

Net Worth $1 Million
Salary $144,496.87 Per Year
Age 54 Years Old
Date of Birth August 13, 1968
Relationship Status Married
Wife Lindsay Lohan
Instagram @bader.shammas

Bader went to the University of South Florida and got a degree in Mechanical Engineering before he got a job in investment banking. In 2010, he got his degree from college. Then, in 2010, he went to the University of Tampa, where he got a Bachelor of Science in finance 2012. This is what PageSix says.

After Lindsay moved to Dubai in 2018, Bader and Lindsay began dating. They might have liked each other right away when they first met.

But they kept their relationship quiet until 2020 when Lindsay posted a picture of herself with her friends, her sister, and her boyfriend and wrote in the captions that he was her boyfriend. She got rid of the post right away.

Bader Shammas’s Net Worth: How Much Is Bader Shammas Worth?

As of March 2023, Bader Shammas had a net worth of about 0 million, according to estimates.

He has made so much money from being a banker.

Bader Shammas’s Career History

Bader Shammas is currently an assistant vice president for Credit Suisse, a job he has held since 2018.


PageSix says that after getting a degree in finance from the University of Tampa, Bader started working for BNP Paribas Wealth Management. We don’t know much about what he did or what his role was at the company, but he soon left and went to Credit Suisse.

Shammas has been working for the investment banking firm Credit Suisse for a few years now. He slowly moved up in his career and became an assistant vice president in 2018. The financier has not said anything about his promotions lately.

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What Kind of Work Does Bader Shammas Do?


Shammas is an assistant vice president at the company Credit Suisse, which provides financial services. According to Page Six and his LinkedIn profile, he went to the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa.

How Old Is Bader Shamas? What’s His Height?

Harper’s Baazar says he is 34 years old, and CAKnowledge says he is 5′ 9″ (1.8 m) tall, but this is not confirmed. However, not much is known about the businessman because he is very private. His Instagram account is private, and he only has more than 600 followers.

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What Is Bader Shammas’s Nationality?

As We Said, We Know that He Lives in Dubai. Page Six Says That, Based on His Private Facebook Page, He Was Born in Kuwait City, the Capital of The Persian Gulf Country, and Is an Emirati by Nationality.

The Wedding of Bader Shammas and Lindsay Lohan was confirmed by People Magazine to have happened in July 2022.

And while not much is known about the wedding itself, the report says that the couple spent their honeymoon on the Turkish Riviera. They stayed at The Bodrum EDITION, a luxury resort near the Yalikavak Marina, which is at the most western point of the Bodrum peninsula.