Inside Garth Brooks’ Divorce: What Really Happened Between The Country Star and His Wife!


The news that Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, a power couple in the country music industry, are reportedly thinking about getting a divorce surprised country music fans all around the world.

The couple, who have been married for more than 13 years and produced innumerable albums and collaborations that have won awards, may soon be divorcing because of some insurmountable differences.

Many followers of the couple’s love story who have been following it since they first met in 1987 are surprised by this revelation.

The couple’s marriage has been strained over the years, and while the precise reason for their consideration of a divorce is yet unknown, it is obvious that their relationship has altered.

This article will examine the possible divorce’s causes and speculate on how it would affect Garth Brooks’ career. He is the sole owner of the rights to practically all of his single songs in addition to almost all of his back catalog.

His 2014 album Man Against Machine was released by Sony Music’s RCA label, hence he has no further albums on his rights. I immediately thought, “Oh my gosh, I want to do that,” when I heard George Strait.

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Country music legend Garth Brooks talked about how seeing King of Country encouraged him to pursue a career in the genre in a recent Serendipity podcast episode.

What Went Wrong in The Divorce of Garth Brooks?

garth brooks divorce

In an odd turn of events, Brooks’ choice to step away from his career in 1999 and focus on raising his three girls better made him realize the worst: he is no longer capable of being a husband to his wife. They got divorced in 2001 after getting married in 1986.

The first wife of Garth Brooks admitted that their separation caused them to fall apart in an interview for a documentary about her ex-husband. He would spend eight to ten weeks on the road as a musician, and then people would keep dragging him to events.

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He regularly attended award ceremonies as well. As a result, their differences grew swiftly. Brooks claimed that Mahl’s remarks helped him learn a lot after the documentary’s publication.

She was amazing to him, but there was just so much going on for him that he didn’t understand some of the things she was trying to tell him until the biography.

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