Heavenly Delusion Anime Release Date Announced For April 2023!

heavenly delusion anime release date

A new video showcasing more of what to expect has been released for Heavenly Delusion, one of the numerous new anime adaptations presently in development for a release later this Spring as part of a jam-packed new wave of anime.

One of the more original-looking new prospects of the year overall is the anime adaptation of Masakazu Ishiguro’s original manga series, but happily, it won’t be long before we can see it in action as the series is only a few more weeks away from its debut.

The most recent Heavenly Delusion update has verified that the new episodes will debut on April 1st, as had been previously stated to have a release overseas this April.

The update also exposes the anime’s ending tune, “Daremo Karemo Dokomo Nanimo Shiranai,” performed by ASOBI, and the opening theme, “innocent arrogance,” performed by BiSH.

The most recent Heavenly Delusion trailer, which you can view below, gives you a better idea of what to anticipate from the new series:

Release Date of Heavenly Delusion Anime

The first adaption trailer gave viewers a first glance at Maru and Kiruko as well as the show’s chosen animation style and the devasted Heavenly Delusion world.

It also stated that it would be released at some point in 2023, but provided no other details at this moment. Given the timing of the announcement, a release no earlier than April and most likely somewhere in the second half of 2023 would be the most plausible scenario.

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What is The Story of Heavenly Delusion Anime?

heavenly delusion anime release date

In the outer world, fifteen years had passed since a catastrophe that was unprecedented and entirely wiped off contemporary society. Children are housed in a building that is cut off from the outside world.

One day, Tokio, a girl who is one of them, gets a message asking her whether she wants to go outside.

As the school’s headmaster warns Tokio that the outside world is Hell, another girl who stays at the same facility, Mimihime, makes a prediction and tells the distressed Tokio that two individuals will come from the outside to help her, one of whom has her same face.

A child named Maru, who resembles Tokio exactly, is currently exploring ruined Japan with a woman named Kiruko in pursuit of Paradise.


heavenly delusion anime release date

On October 18, 2022, Production I.G revealed plans to adapt an anime into a TV series. The series will be directed by Hirotaka Mori, with Makoto Fukami penning the scripts, Utsushita of Minakata Laboratory handling the character designs, and Kensuke Ushio composing the soundtrack.

It is scheduled to debut on Tokyo MX and other networks on April 1, 2023. BiSH and ASOBI respectively perform the opening theme song, “Innocent Arrogance,” and the closing theme song, “Daremo Karemo Dokomo Nanimo Shiranai” (, “I Don’t Know Anyone Anywhere Anything”).

The anime will be streamed globally on Disney+ thanks to Disney Platform Distribution, which has purchased the rights to distribute it.