Jerry Lawler Net Worth: Uncovering The Wealth of a Wrestling Legend!

jerry lawler net worth

American professional wrestler and WWE commentator Jerry Lawler is currently in semi-retirement. There were once 20 separate professional wrestling promotions in America. There was a period before World Wrestling Entertainment became a monopoly.

Memphis wrestling was one of the most prominent promotions. Today, we’ll learn about a man known as the King of Memphis. His pal refers to him as King.

He appeared in a minor capacity in practically all promotions at the time. He wasn’t a well-known figure in the area. He was a well-known television personality. He made approximately seven appearances on Late Show as a result.

He gained notoriety for his conflict with Andy Kaufman. That rivalry was only on television. They had a close friendship. One of the most prosperous eras in Memphis wrestling was his almost three-year partnership with Andy Kaufman.

The world was familiar with his name and his line of work as a result of his association with Andy Kaufman.

Early Life

Name: Jerry Lawler
Date of Birth:
November 29, 1949
Age: 73 Yrs
Gender: Male
Height: 1.83m. (6’ 0”)
110 Kg or (243 lbs)
Commentator and Wrestler
Nationality: American
Last Update March 1, 2023

Jerry O’Neil Lawler was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on November 29, 1949. He lived in Ohio for a while when he was young because his father worked at a Ford Motor Company plant in Lorain.

jerry lawler net worth

From age 7 to 15, Lawler and his family lived in Amherst, Ohio, which is close to Cleveland. The Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, and Cleveland Cavaliers were among the team’s Jerry grew to adore during this time.

He also developed a deep passion for Ohio and Cleveland. But Jerry also lived in Memphis for a long time when he was young. When Lawler was 19, his father died.

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In 1977, Jerry started out in the Continental Wrestling Association. He worked for this group for a total of 12 years. During the 1980s, he fought for both the Continental Wrestling Association and the American Wrestling Association at different times.

He joined the United States Wrestling Association at the end of the 1980s and fought for the organization until 1997. But he was also a member of the WWF as early as 1992. During this time, his fights with Bret Hart and Doink the Clown were well-known.

By the end of the 1990s, he was only wrestling part-time and was starting to move into commentating. He left the WWF in 2001 and fought for a while in the independent circuit before coming back to the newly formed WWE.

During this time, he kept wrestling and commentating before switching to commentating full-time.

Jerry Lawler Net worth

Name: Jerry Lawler
American commentator
Net Worth $10 Million
Salary: $1 Million +
Monthly Income:
$1,00,000 +
Last Update March 1, 2023

Jerry Lawler, an American commentator who is regarded as the finest in the world, is worth $10 million. Jerry Lawler, arguably the most well-known American commentator, estimated his net worth to be around $10 million using a variety of web tools.

Jerry King Lawler has a net worth of $10 million, as we’ve already discussed. You might be thinking that even though he is a superstar and has always been one, his net worth is only $2 million.

That is due to women, which is a very straightforward explanation. He has been married three times and every time he is married he gets divorced fairly shortly. The majority of his savings were lost when he was settling the divorce.

In Memphis, Tennessee, he continues to reside. Watch this space for more celebrity stories. His Memphis property is estimated to be worth $1 million.

Does Jerry Lawler Have a Wife?


Jerry has been married three times and has two kids from those marriages. He has two sons with his first wife, Kay, who is also a wrestler. Both of his sons followed in his footsteps and became wrestlers.

Brian, who used the name Grandmaster Sexay when he wrestled for WWE, died on July 29, 2018. He was 46 years old. He is said to have killed himself while in jail in Tennessee. He had been arrested for DUI and trying to get away from police officers.

As “Kevin Christian,” his brother Kevin has worked as a referee and wrestled in the United States Wrestling Association. After getting a divorce from Kay, Jerry married Paula on February 14, 1982. On October 2, 1991, they broke up.

Before they got married in September 2000, the King met his third wife, Stacy “The Kat” Carter, in Memphis on July 23, 1989.

They broke up in November 2001, but it wasn’t official until October 2003. Jerry is now with his long-term partner, 34-year-old Lauryn McBride, whom he met in 2011. But they’ve had their ups and downs.

In 2016, for example, they were arrested on domestic violence charges that were later dropped.

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When Did Jerry Lawler’s Stroke Happen?


Jerry had a stroke on February 6, 2023, which was a Monday. Action News 5 says that the WWE legend was having lunch with friends near his home in Fort Myers, Florida when the incident happened.

Lawler reportedly had surgery, and WWE reporter Dave Meltzer said, “He’s awake, but his situation is very serious.” The 73-year-old has had health problems in the past. In 2012, he had a heart attack in the ring, and in 2018, he had a stroke.

On September 10, 2012, during a live episode of Monday Night Raw, Jerry passed out at the commentator’s table The wrestling star was lucky that he was sitting next to Dr. Sampson, the doctor for the WWE.