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The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Release Date Was Announced With An Official Trailer And A Key Visual!

the girl i like forgot her glasses release window announced official trailer key visual

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses, a well-known rom-com manga series by Koume Fujichika, will be turned into an anime on January 13, 2023, according to a new website.

To celebrate the announcement, the mangaka of the series released a picture of the two main characters, Kaede Komura and Ai Mie. The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses will air for the first time in July, according to the show’s website.

But the exact date of release and how it would be shown were kept secret. The official trailer for the show came out on the YouTube channel @ShochikuAnimeOfficial.

It gives a quick look at the charming animation by GoHands.VA Takina Inoue, who worked on Lycoris Recoil, will voice Ai Mie in The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses

Shion Wakayama, who voiced Takina Inoue in the original action anime by Spider Lily and Asaura, Lycoris Recoil, will do the same for Ai Mie in The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses.

Wakayama is also known for many good roles, such as Annerose in The Eminence in Shadow, and Destiny in Takt Op. Destiny, and Aoi Aioi in Her Blue Sky.

In the anime, the part of Kaede Komura will be played by Masahiro Itou. Itou started out in the business by playing Zakusa Ishigame in Cardfight!! Vanguard: overDress, and later got a lot of praise for playing Kyouya Hashiba in Remake Our Life! Ren Nanahoshi in the city of Argonavis.

The “Zero Distance” romantic comedy series The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses is about a girl named Ai Mie who is always forgetting her glasses. When Kaede Komura gets to class late, Ai’s charm, who sits next to him, throws him off. Soon, Komura finds out that Ai often forgets to bring her glasses with her.

Ai’s poor eyesight makes it hard for her to recognize people’s faces. Because of this, she gets very close to people’s faces to try to figure out who they are, which makes her not understand boundaries.

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Komura decides to befriend Ai, who is always making mistakes and helps her every day. On the first day, Komura was already in love with Ai. But he learns more about her every day, which makes their friendship stronger over time.

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses is published in English by Square Enix Manga & Books. Here’s what the company says about the series:

“Komura starts his school year with a new seat neighbor in homeroom—the bespectacled Mie. Before long, he’s nursing a raging crush on his quirky classmate who’s always forgetting her glasses! While this might be ideal for Komura to get to know Mie better, will his poor heart give out from the daily strain of being up close and personal with the girl he likes?!”

Susumu Kaido and Katsumasa Yokomine are running the show at GoHands Studios. The scripts are written by Tamazou Yanagi, and Takayuki Uchida is in charge of designing the characters.

Hiroshi Okubo is the main animator for the series. He works with chief animation directors like Keiji Tani, Makoto Furuta, and Takayuki Uchida to bring the show to life.

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