Destiny 2 Actor Lance Reddick Played The Night Before He Died!

lance reddick destiny 2 zavala voice bungie tribute

Following Lance Reddick’s tragic death at the age of 60, words of love, appreciation, and grief flooded the internet. Players of Destiny struggled with the loss of the main character in their fictitious world.

The John Wick 4 and Bosch actor wasn’t simply the voice of Destiny 2’s Zavala; as shown by some of his last interactions online, he was a huge fan and player like everyone else.

The Wednesday night before Reddick passed away last week from natural causes, his Destiny 2 handle, idontcare789#7678, surfaced online, as rapidly noticed by players.

The latest tweet liked by the actor also came from a fan making jokes about the game’s stoic leader Zavala. Reddick had completed most of the new Lightfall campaign and was down to his final boss battle with Calus.

Even Destiny players were referenced in a tweet that his wife Stephanie Reddick placed on his Twitter account. She wrote, “Lance loved the game as much as he loved you.

In the past, Reddick hasn’t been afraid to express his affection for the game and its community.

“Even though I play Destiny almost every day (I’m even a member of a clan now), as time goes on I kind of forget about the plot and just focus on powering up and collecting interesting weapons and grinding through playlists,” he said in an interview with Polygon last year.

In the end, I’m just a huge fan who also happens to be one of the characters’ voice actors. Some Bungie developers shared firsthand tales about how Reddick wasn’t like many A-list celebrities who say a few lines, take a salary, and then never look back.

While other Destiny 2 players spent Friday into the weekend swarming over Zavala to pay their respects. Product lead Blake Battle remembered the moment right before the release of Destiny 2 when he and a few other developers assisted Reddick in completing the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny 1.

Lance had to jump from the back of the chamber and glide onto Aksis’ back to stun him before the wipe during the last confrontation, Battle tweeted.

“We had an unexpected death that caused a little confusion, and Lance ended up having to stun him before the wipe,” Battle said. “He accomplished it, and we ended the raid. When we got clear, you could hear the enthusiasm in his voice.

He was friendly, sociable, and patient throughout the entire race. He spoke to us as though he were just another LFG member seeking a laid-back group. Someone you’d want to add to your friend list and play with later on.

Reddick, a regular figure in some of the most popular TV shows over the past two decades, routinely cracked jokes with players, connecting not only with his character and the game but also with the meme-heavy larger culture.

lance reddick destiny 2 zavala voice bungie tribute

Reddick remained, a steady bulwark similar to Zavala, long after other well-known actors had left Destiny, either because their performances had been criticized or because they had to leave to star in The Rookie.

One of the many qualities the actor has that I and others keep mentioning is his ability to make even the most absurd-sounding phrases and plot points seem urgent and natural.

Reddick was the ideal choice for a medium that self-consciously strives to be taken seriously among the abundance of space marines, supernatural predictions, and zombie parasites.

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Players of Destiny 2 are now pondering how the game may pay him back, both in the actual game and in the cosmic-scale events that are now taking place within it. There were persistent rumors that Zavala might eventually have to give himself up to ward off looming dangers.

His “Spoiler Alert” sidearm, which he issued players in previous seasons, with the chilling flavor text “Someone is going to die.” Perhaps Bungie can handle Zavala’s resolution with the same grace and ease that Reddick would have.