Overlord Season 5: Everything We Know So Far About the Upcoming Season!

overlord season 5

“The Witch of the Falling Kingdom,” the last episode of Season 4 of Overlord, was just released by Studio Madhouse. The creators made a spectacular ending to an amazing season, and now everyone wants to know what happens next in Ainz’s story.

Millions of people watch the anime show Overlord, so it’s no surprise that fans are already looking forward to Season 5. In the last episode of Overlord, Renner’s Demon form was shown, which was an interesting twist.

The ending of the 13th episode almost made it a musical, and Renner’s dance sequence got everyone excited about what will happen next. The text at the end of the episode said, “The End Begins,” so this isn’t the end of the Overlord anime at all.

When Will Season 5 of Overlord Come Out?

overlord season 5

The fact that the animation studio behind Overlord made 5 seasons of the show was a very pleasant surprise for the audience since they didn’t know that they had made sequels for any of their other shows.

You may have known that Naoyuki Itou, who had already worked on the show, was in charge of the fourth season. As you may already know, Naoyuki Itou has also worked as an episode director on a number of projects and in different roles on well-known shows.

The writer of Season 5 of Overlord has also made a triumphant comeback. Yukie Sugawara. Overlord’s writer and co-creator for the first three seasons, Sugawara, was the first official person to say that a fourth season might be coming.

For Season 5 of Overlord, Sugawara is also back. Given that the writer worked on Hina Logic, Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War, Kino’s Journey, No Guns Life, Radiant, and Sword Art Online, you can probably expect the same level of writing in Overlord Season 5.

We won’t know anything about Overlord Season 5 until the last episode of Season 4 on September 27, 2022. This is because that episode will also be the end of Season 4.

As of the most recent information we have, neither Studio Madhouse nor Kadokawa, nor any other company or group involved in making the anime, has made an official announcement about when Overlord Season 5 will be expected release in May 2023.

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What is The Plot of Overlord Season 5?

The story starts with a game called DMMORPG, which stands for Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. This is also called YGGDRASIL, and it was different from all the other DMMORPGs because the player could do so much with the game.

The game servers were about to shut down after 12 years of hard work. On the last day of the game, Momonga, one of the strongest soldiers in the game and the leader of our main character Enz Ool Gown, falls asleep hours before the game ends.


When he wakes up, the server is no longer running. And he has become the Skeleton Mage, which is his “avatar.” He knows right away that his soldiers are also conscious because he can feel the non-player character in them.

He leaves his area, the Great Tomb of Nazric, to look around and finds that it is not the game’s map. It’s a new world now! Momonga wants to take over this world and find the real players who are drawn to it like he is if there are any.

While making sure Nazarick is safe. His actions in Ainz Ool Gown seem to have been changed by the game’s mechanics since he kills people and does other things that are wrong in the real world.

It’s a story about the mind of a being with almost unlimited power who doesn’t care about right and wrong. The strongest wizard in Yggdrasil is our main character.

In reality, he has shown how powerful he is in every season.

Momonga is very strong, but he still moves with care. Also, Momonga’s influence on the peace and diplomacy of the Three Great Kingdoms in the area where Nazarik was sent made it impossible to avoid new conflicts, allies, and enemies.

Who is in Season 5 of Overlord’s Cast and Crew?

Satoshi Hino is back as Ainz Ooal Gown. Yumi Hara is back as Albedo. Sumire Uesaka is back as Shalltear Bloodfallen, and Masayuki Katô is back as Demiurge.

Most of the previous seasons’ 45 episodes were directed by Naoyuki Itô, and Studio Madhouse was in charge of production. As of now, Crunchyroll has the right to distribute Overlord all over the world.

Is There A Trailer For Overlord Season 5?

The trailer for season 5 isn’t out yet, but you can watch the trailer for the previous season here.