The Most Interesting New Movies of March 2023


March looks powerful and promises even competition between high-profile premieres (due to which changes in release dates are still possible), which was a usual phenomenon in pre-war times. Three interesting new releases will be released as early as the beginning of the month, and later rental and streaming services will be fairly stable in supplying fresh content. In this article, we offer a closer look at the most interesting March tapes.

“The Whale”

Darren Aronofsky’s new work is about an unsociable, lonely college professor named Charlie, who lectures online with the camera off. He does this because of his terrible obesity, which has caused him health problems. Meanwhile, the main character is trying to build a complicated relationship with his 17-year-old daughter, Ellie.

In the film, there was an incredible transformation performed by Brendan Fraser, who because of the complicated makeup is simply impossible to recognize. There is an opinion that this is not only a cool return to the big cinema of the once popular actor but also the best role of his career. For it, he was nominated for a Golden Globe, Oscar, and BAFTA. You will soon be able to download this film on the torrent site the pirate bays proxy list. With the help of this site, you have the opportunity to view this film for free in good quality while not spending money to go to the theater.

“Creed 3”

While Frazier’s Charlie will try to battle the extra weight, Adonis Creed, played by the unstoppable Michael B. Jordan, will try again to win the “fight of a lifetime,” for the third time.

Now the champion will have to confront the evil and victory-hungry childhood friend who once saved little Donnie from prison.

In the threequel, we will no longer see the legendary Rocky Balboa, and the film was directed by the performer of the title role himself. Thus Michael B. Jordan follows the example of Sly, who, however, took over as director back in the second part of the adventure.

“Scream 6”

Along with the third “Creed,” the new part of “Scream” is another March novelty with a Roman numeral in the original title. In the story, the heroes of the previous installment, the Carpenter sisters and their friends, move from bleak Woodsboro to New York City. But even there, they are overtaken by a notorious maniac in a textbook mask.

The sixth episode of the iconic slasher comes in an era when meta-commentary is trending and Jenna Ortega’s name on the poster already plays a much bigger role than Courteney Cox’s. But you can also expect a good old-fashioned Ghostface running gag because the filmmakers aren’t the only ones who (post-)sneer at genre clichés.

“Assassin’s Mission”

Soldier Sebastian became a test subject in an experimental application of new military technology, but was killed by unknown assassins. In search of the truth, his wife Alexa must take the place of the dead man and find the killer.

This film is hardly in any way significantly different from the low-quality projects that Willis has literally gotten bogged down in over the past decade. But this is the last chance to see Die Hard on the big screen and bid farewell to his phenomenal acting career.

“Luther: Fallen Sun”

Meanwhile, the streaming service has its own atmosphere. Idris Elba returns to the role of dystopian detective John Luther, a character from the highly-rated series of the same name for his work in which the actor won a Golden Globe.

The film is the sequel to the 5-season show and will tell the story of John’s confrontation with a horrible serial killer who is terrorizing London. But first, the hero must be freed from prison. The film was developed by the same people who worked on the TV series, so at least the atmosphere of the latter creators should convey well.

Will Beaumont
Will Beaumont
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