From A Man Trying To Propose To The Theft of Her Driver’s Car, Bad Things Keep Happening At Rihanna’s House!


Now It Seems Like Rihanna’s House Is Being Broken Into a Lot. One of Her Driver’s Cars Was Just Recently Stolen from Outside Her House.

Rihanna’s Family Might Be Upset if Things Like This Keep Happening Since They Already Have a Child and Are Expecting Another One Soon. the Recent Incidents of Theft and Trespassing Will Make the Famous Person Worry About the Safety and Privacy of The Children. but We Still Don’t Know if The Work Singer Was at Home when The Accident Happened.

Rihanna’s Driver’s Car Reported Stolen

As per TMZ, Rihanna’s driver gave a statement to the police that he pulled over to her Los Angeles area home last week and ran back home with the engine still running and keys in the car. When the driver came back outside, the 2012 Audi sedan was gone and couldn’t be found anywhere.

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From A Man Trying To Propose To The Theft of Her Driver's Car, Bad Things Keep Happening At Rihanna's House!

Now the driver believes that someone just jumped in the car and drove away with it while he was inside the house. The Los Angeles police are investigating but it seems that the thief has made a clean escape.

Rihanna has not made any comment on the given situation.

Previously, one man trespassed into Rihanna’s property and claimed that he wanted to propose to the singer. The man was not able to get beyond the driveway as he was quickly caught by Rihanna’s security.

He was questioned by the cops and later released as the man was not able to pass beyond the driveway. As per the reports this incident had Rihanna quite shaken up because she is worried about the safety and security of her children.

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