Overlord Anime Movie Are Expected Release Date Announced!

overlord anime movie release date

Overlord is one of the few Isekai that has always been able to both look good and have a good story that fits what a fantasy anime should be. Its popularity has led to four seasons so far, and just as the fourth one was ending, the franchise announced that a full-length movie will be coming soon.

The official name of the movie is Overlord: Holy Kingdom.

To get people excited, the company has also released a teaser image.

Technically, the film is canon because it adapts parts of the manga.

However, if you only watch anime, you won’t miss out on much because of how the studio is planning the film.

What to Expect From The Overlord Anime Movie


Overlord is a dark fantasy and Isekai anime about Momonga, a YGGDRASIL player who gets stuck in the game when the server goes down. Momonga pretends to be the Supreme Being Ainz Ooal Gown, who is in charge of Nazarick and the other NPC guardians.

Ainz Ooal Gown wants to find more players in the new world, reveal more secrets, gain more knowledge and technology, and create a utopia for all of his subjects who will join him in his work in the new world.

The Overlord: Holy Kingdom Arc Movie will show the Paladin of the Sacred Kingdom Arc, which is shown in light novel volumes 12 and 13.

The movie will also take place between Season 4 Episodes 7 and 8.

Based on What Happens in The Light Novel, the Holy Kingdom Arc Will Eventually Be About the Sacred Kingdom.

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Where is Overlord Anime Movie Being Made?

Studio Madhouse will make Overlord: Holy Kingdom, just like they did with all the other movies and seasons. The anime has always had strange animation, which goes well with the characters, especially how they made Ainz look both dead and alive at the same time.

The anime hasn’t let anyone down yet, so it would be surprising if a different studio made the movie.

Overlord Anime Movie Release Date

As of this writing, there is no date set for when Overlord: Holy Kingdom Arc Movie will come out. A date for the release, on the other hand, is likely to be announced in June 2023.

In May 2021, it was first said that there would be an Overlord: Holy Kingdom Arc Movie.

The movie was also announced on August 19 in a special program that was streamed on YouTube. This was after a year had passed.

Where Can I Watch Overlord Anime Movie?


Crunchyroll is the best place to stream anime because it has the best quality and the largest selection of shows. There, you can watch every Overlord animation, so it’s a given that Overlord: Holy Kingdom will also stream there.

But it’s still not clear if it will be available on day one. It could come out in theaters first, and then a year later, it could come out on home media. Keep an eye on this.