Are Solar Panels in Minnesota Worth It?


The verdict is in: solar power is the cheapest electricity on the market.

So if you install solar panels, you save the environment and save money. They are a fire-and-forget solution, one that requires bare minimum maintenance. The question is, are solar panels in Minnesota a good idea?

Perhaps you are not sold yet on the idea of installing solar panels. Or perhaps you worry that economic factors in Minnesota may make it less than ideal. Whatever your reasons, we are here to help you decide.

Keep reading for a brief guide on why you should install solar panels in Minnesota.

Reasons to Install Solar Panels in Minnesota

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to install solar panels anywhere. Whether you live in Minnesota or Mumbai, the sun is shining. And all across the world, electricity rates tend to be relatively high.

Aside from getting cheaper, more affordable electricity, let’s discuss the reasons why you’ll benefit from solar panels. Click here for more information on how to get them.

Weather Periods of Intermittent Electricity

Unfortunately, Minnesota is no stranger to blackouts. These unpredictable shortages of electricity can leave you high and dry unless you have a backup source of power. And if experts are to be believed, this problem will only continue to grow worse.

Solar panels give you energy independence. When your neighbors are sweating and throwing away the contents of their fridges, you will be living high on the hog.

And if you install a battery system with it, your home will be virtually impervious to blackouts.

Government Subsidies

The US government recognizes the value of transitioning to renewable energy. As such, they have provided generous benefits for those who install residential solar panels. You could pay off a large portion of your solar panel costs with government tax credits.

The entry price is often the steepest barrier for most people interested in solar. Thanks to government tax credits, this is now no longer an issue. And since solar panels are an asset, they will pay off the rest of the cost over the course of their lifetime.

Help Protect the Planet

Everyone wants to do their part in preserving our precious mother Earth. But while we have that desire, it’s hard to get the rubber to meet the road. People struggle to find real, actionable ways for them to preserve and protect the environment without upending a comfortable life.

Solar panels allow you to be environmentally conscious without a major sacrifice on your part. Thanks to government subsidies and cheap electricity, you save the planet and get a massive benefit from it. It doesn’t require the inconvenience of eating less meat or using a soggy paper straw at Starbucks.

Limited Maintenance

As we said in the intro, solar panels are a fire-and-forget solution. Once you install them, they do their work without almost any upkeep. They are not so fussy that you will need to go up to the roof every other day to fix a burnt-out wire.

The only real maintenance solar panels need is regular dusting or snow removal. Obviously, they cannot generate electricity when there is something covering their solar cells.

But dusting outside of the winter months is something you only have to do once every few months. It takes at most 30 minutes, providing minimal disruption to your everyday activities.

Limitations of Installing Solar Panels in Minnesota

Before Minnesota homeowners install solar panels, they should be aware of the limitations that solar panels have. They are incredible, green technology with impressive efficiency that can work for years. But they are not a perfect energy source and do have some caveats.


Solar panels need to get more or less direct sunlight for optimal efficiency. This presents a problem that you may have already spotted. Solar panels will only be operational for a few hours of the day at most.

In most cases, homeowners will install them on one angle of the roof. Once the sun stops shining at that angle, solar efficiency will drop almost to zero. Solar panel owners can only expect a few hours of electrical generation when the sun is strongest.


Weather is the biggest complaint people have about solar panels and green energy in general. Green energy tends to work to the tune of mother nature. When it’s overcast or rainy, solar panels have poor efficiency.

Minnesota gets a fair amount of rain, and has quite snowy weather in the winter. During these periods, solar panels may produce little or no electricity.

Further, homeowners may need to repair solar panels from damage after inclement weather like hail. Even if that doesn’t happen, they will need to remove any snow or ice from the panels in winter.

On the bright side, it is a myth that solar panels perform less effectively in the winter. In fact, winter weather temperatures are better for solar generation.

Steep Initial Cost

To be clear, solar panels will pay themselves off over their lifetime with savings and electricity. Government subsidies will kick in to cover most of the installation. However, you will front the initial purchase and installation costs.

Considering how tax law works, you may not see the incentive money until the following year in the form of a tax refund. And it will take several years for the solar panels to generate enough electricity to have earned their keep.

This is not so much a disadvantage as a thing to keep in mind. You will have to plan your finances before you purchase them.

Install Solar Panels in Minnesota Today

Solar panels in Minnesota are an excellent choice for energy independence, cheap electricity, and a green commitment. The technology is not finicky, allowing you to more or less forget about them after installation. However, do be aware of the limitations such as weather intermittency and placement.

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