Dust 2 Tactics: Winning Strategies for Competitive CSGO Gameplay!

csgo callouts dust 2

The most played map in Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Dust 2 (aka de dust2). It’s so popular that some other FPS games, like games that look like Counter-Strike, have taken its design.

It makes sense, really. People have been having fun with the map for over 20 years, which is quite a feat.

Because of how popular this map is, we’re putting out this Callout guide for Dust 2 so that if you’re new to it, you can learn where things are and make it as easy as possible for your team to talk to you.

Giving your teammates accurate information about where the enemy helps them know where to look for them.

Callouts for Dust 2

The most important thing to know about Dust 2 is that it’s been around for more than 20 years. Players have had a long time to come up with their own names for different parts of the map, but we’ll show you the ones that have stuck around.

Here is our CS: GO callouts map for Dust 2. Many new players would be confused by this map, which is definitely scary. Unfortunately, it takes more than an image to learn callouts, but this map is a great place to start.

The best way to learn is to play over and over again without switching to other maps. You’ll hear these callouts during the game, and it will become second nature to answer them.

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Essential Dust 2 Callouts

In an ideal world, you should use all of these CS: GO callouts on Dust 2, but it’s hard for people who are just learning how to play CS: GO.


At first, you should focus on callouts that you will use often. Dust 2 is a map where there are only a few ways to get to the bomb sites, so they’ll be your only way to talk to each other.

A Site:

As a CT on A Site, A Long, A Cross, and A Short will be your most important calls. These are the main entrances to the bomb site, so you need to make sure you call them out correctly so your team knows when to switch places.

As a T, you should tell the A Site to slow down. This means that your calls will be a little different from those on the CT side. Here, learn how to call Mid Doors and Lower Tunnels so you don’t get caught off guard when you enter from A Short.

The pit will also be important as a safety net when you enter from A Long. Get to know Barrels, too, because that’s where many CTs hide when they’re protecting the A Site.

B Site:

As a CT, you must know Upper Tunnels, B Doors, and B Window. Upper Tunnels are where most T approaches come from, so get used to defending them. The Ts sometimes sneak through the Mid Doors.

At this point, communication is important. Most Ts separate the B Doors and B Windows, so you have to deal with both of them. If you want to win the round, you have to be right and tell your team how many players are in each position.

As a T, the B callouts you make depend on how you play. As you enter Upper Tunnels, try to think of places you could hide, such as Big Box, B Car, and B Window.

This helps get the area ready to plant. Once the plant is in place, the most common retake point will be B Doors and B Window, so use these callouts to defend the plant.

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How to Use Dust2 Callouts?

csgo callouts dust 2

If you tell your teammates that an enemy is in a certain place, you should be sure about what you tell them. If the callout is wrong, they might get confused and look at the wrong part of the map.

If you hear someone at B but aren’t sure if it’s a car or a door, the safest thing to do is just say that you hear someone at B. On Dust 2, some of the callouts have the same name. There is a job called “car” on both sites.

If you see someone in one of these places, be sure to tell your team which one you’re talking about. You can win a round if you can tell the difference between A car and B car.

Look more closely at something like the tunnels at B. Most people refer to this whole area as tunnels, but that’s not enough. Try to figure out if your enemy is in the upper or lower tunnels. Same thing with A short.

There is a big difference between telling someone they are short and saying they are a cat. If you and your teammates know how to use these callouts in Dust 2, you will be able to tell each other where your opponents are. And that could help you win a lot of rounds.