Instagram Story Downloader: Can Everyone Use This Service For Free?

Instagram Story Downloader: Can Everyone Use This Service For Free?

Using the Instabig Highlights download tool, you can get Instagram users’ most popular stories.

You can’t get Highlights from the Instagram website or app. There are special tools that can be used to get them. You can track and download them in secret with the help of the Instabig Highlights download tool.

This tool is easy to use and doesn’t cost anything. In the box above, type the Instagram username of the person whose highlights you want to download, or paste the link you just copied. Then click on the dec search button.

You’ll see the Instagram highlights of the user you’re looking for. You can see the Instagram Highlights when you click on them, and you can download them when you click the download button.

How Do I Download Instagram Story Onto A Computer?

With Our Detailed Manual, You Can Easily Download Your Favorite Stories to Your Computer, No Matter if You Use Windows, Mac, or Linux as Your Operating System.


  • Open an IG profile via a browser.
  • Find the account with super-cool Stories.
  • Copy the @username or an account URL.
  • Paste the username to the input box.
  • Tap on the Download button.
  • Scrolling down the page, and you’ll see all Stories of a profile you’re interested in.
  • Click on the Download button and the Instagram Stories appear on your PC.

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What Is A “Highlights Stories Downloader” For Instagram?

Instabig highlights downloader is a website where you can go to see Instagram highlight stories from public accounts and download them to your phone or computer.

How Do I Save Highlights On Instagram?

Instagram Story Downloader: Can I Use This Service For Free?

You can download that account’s Instagram highlights to your phone or computer by typing the username of the account whose highlights you want to download into the search box above or pasting the link to the account’s profile.

Can I Make The Covers Of The Top Stories Bigger?

This is not possible right now, unfortunately. This is why we keep working. We hope to add this feature as quickly as possible.

Can I Use This Service For Free

Yes, it’s free for everyone. You can view and download Instagram highlights stories for free with the Instabig featured download tool.

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How Much Does Instagram Highlights The Cost To Download?


There is no limit. With Instabig, you can download as many Instagram highlights as you want from as many different accounts as you want.

How Can I Download Instagram Highlights From The Private Accounts?

We’re concerned about user privacy. Our Privacy Policy says that you can only download Instagram highlights from accounts that are public. You can’t see and download highlight stories from private accounts on Instabig.

Will the Person Whose Highlights I Downloaded Know that I Have Them?

The account owner won’t be able to see the Instagram highlights you view and download through Instabig.

The account owner can’t see you because of the software we use. So you can see Instagram highlights and download them without anyone knowing.

In What Quality Can I Download Instagram Highlights?

You can download highlight stories in the best quality allowed by Instagram. This is 1080p for photos and videos (Full HD).

Where Are The Downloaded Highlights?

You can find the Instagram highlights you downloaded in the downloads folder of your phone (Android or iOS) or in the gallery app in the downloads folder of your computer (Windows, macOS).