Let’s Talk About The Review Of The Titan Talk Smartwatch!

Let's Talk About The Review Of The Titan Talk Smartwatch!

Titan has always been known for making high-quality analog and digital watches. Recently, they have tried their hand at smart wearables and have been successful with a few smartwatches and fitness bands. The Titan Talk smartwatch is the newest one in this lineup.

The dial of the Titan Talk smartwatch is an AMOLED display, giving it a classic watch look. Its main feature is that you can use Bluetooth to make and take calls right from the watch. The Titan Talk has been our main smartwatch for more than a week. In this review, we’ll talk about how the Titan Talk smartwatch worked for us and whether you should buy it.

Some Of The Features of The Titan Talk Smartwatch

1.) Designing of Titan Talk

When it comes to design, the Titan Talk looks like a normal watch because it is round. The Titan brand name is etched on the left side of the case, which is made of aluminum. The speaker is also on the left side. On the right side of the watch are the two buttons you can use to interact with it and the main microphone.

The crown is both the back button and the way to get to your app’s menu. When you press the second button, you get to the workout menu. In general, when the watch is worn, it feels very strong and durable.

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titan-smart-pro-featured-16508574633x2-7423782The front of the Titan Talk has a 46mm dial that is covered by a protective glass that curves on the sides to make it easy to hold. But the dial’s back is made of plastic. On the back of the dial are all the sensors, from the heart rate sensor to the SPO2 sensor. It sticks out a bit from the base, so if the watch is worn a bit too tight, it leaves marks on the wrist. That isn’t always a good thing, but most smartwatches have the same problem.

Standard 22mm silicone straps with a simple clip are used on the Titan Talk. This makes it easy to switch out the wristband that comes with the watch for one from a different company. Overall, the standard wristband is pretty easy to wear and hasn’t caused any skin infections yet. Also, the strap is pretty safe.

So you don’t have to worry about your watch falling out while you work out or commute. It is also IP68 certified, which means it can handle a certain amount of sweat and water.

Overall, the Titan Talk’s design does not let us down. We like how the silver case and black strap look on our wrists. You can also choose from different cases and wristband colors based on your tastes.

2.) Display of Titan Talk

The Titan Talk has a bright and luminous 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen. With a pixel density of 462 PPI, the screen is very sharp and easy to see even in bright light. What’s disappointing is that the dial is surrounded by a big bezel. At this watch’s price, the bezel should have been a lot smaller.

Titan’s marketing materials make it look like the bezels are very thin, but they’re not. Also, the watch doesn’t have an automatic brightness sensor, which is a must at this price. So, when I was in different lighting situations, I had to change the brightness by hand.

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titan-smart-pro-review-770x433-8022104For a watch, the display is pretty good. Everything is clear, the user interface is colorful, and all of the watches faces that come with it look great. The watch is easy to use because it reacts quickly when you touch it. Even though the refresh rate makes it seem like the display is a little slow, the display itself does not have any problems.

The software and performance are the main things that aren’t up to par. If the edges were just a little bit thinner and the screen had an automatic brightness setting, it would be perfect.

3.) Performance and Connectivity of Titan Talk

The Titan Talk links to your phone through Bluetooth 5.1. To pair the watch, you will need to get the Titan Smart World app on your device. The connection is seamless, and the watch is quickly set up with your phone. However, you won’t be able to see the paired watch in the Bluetooth settings unless you have the calling feature turned on.

titan-smartwatch-770x433-8701875Overall, the watch works pretty well. It has a custom user interface for the titanium watch, and everything works well in general. But you will definitely lose frames and have to wait longer for the UI to respond. It’s not the fastest or most responsive smartwatch we’ve used in this price range. All of my notifications were sent out on time, but you can’t reply to any of them. Even if you turn off all notifications on your watch, they will still show up in the notification panel on your phone until you uncheck each one individually.

The Titan Talk’s calling feature is very useful and works well. The watch basically lets your phone connect to it through Bluetooth. With Bluetooth, you can make or take calls right from the watch. By pairing the watch with your phone again, you can turn on or turn off the watch’s call function.

After you’ve successfully paired the watch, you can dial a number and make a call right from the watch. This also makes the phone ring, and the watch picks up the call. Callers on the other end of the line had trouble understanding me because the microphone could have been better. The speaker is pretty loud in quiet places, but you can’t really take a call outside or in places with a lot of noise. Overall, the Titan Talk is not the best way to make a phone call.

You can also use the Titan Talk to keep track of your fitness. The Titan Talk has a lot of ways to track fitness, but we mostly use them to track our steps, heart rate, SPO2, and sleep. Most of the time, the readings were pretty close to the truth. The step count was way off because it counted steps even when I was sitting in my bed and moving my arms.

The heart rate and sleep records were especially surprising in how accurate they were. We wouldn’t put too much faith in the SPO2 rating because it was always very different from what our actual SPO2 monitor showed. But that’s how almost every other smartwatch and fitness band works.

 4.) Software and Application of Titan Talk

The Titan Smart World app has a flashlight that turns the screen into a bright light source, a phone finder, and a large number of watch faces, but there is no automatic brightness setting. The watch’s haptic vibration isn’t very good; it rattles a lot instead of being software.

Titan’s Titan Talk comes with a number of apps, like a timer, reminders, music, and a camera app, so you can do more right from your wrist. The most useful of these apps is the Reminders app. It lets you set up to 10 reminders, including a custom reminder, and you can set daily reminders for the whole week so you don’t forget anything important.

titan-smartwatch-pro-770x433-8972026The camera control app on the smartwatch is also useful because it lets you take photos without having to press the shutter button on your phone. This is great for self-portraits and selfies with a group.

Even though these apps make the Titan Talk more useful, we don’t think it’s a real smartwatch because it’s not very advanced. It has its own memory, so you can put songs on it. You can also pair Bluetooth headphones with the watch to listen to music right from the watch. This is especially helpful for people who don’t want to bring their phones to the gym.

5.) Battery Performance of Titan Talk

The Titan Talk has a battery with 310 mAh. Titan says that the watch can work for up to five days with all measurements on. In our test, the watch was linked to the phone, Bluetooth calls were turned on, and the watch was set to measure the wearer’s heart rate continuously. On all test days, we also used the watch to track how well we slept. Over the seven days we used the watch, the charge level went from 100% to 54%.

Taking all of this into account, it should last about two weeks with the same amount of use, and even a little less with the function on. That’s a pretty cool thing to do.

The Titan Talk comes with a charger made by Titan that takes about two hours to charge the watch from empty to full. With the pogo pins and charging points, it connects to the watch.

Titan Talk Smartwatch Verdict

The Titan Talk, which costs Rs 9,995, doesn’t have many more features than its competitors. It’s getting close to the 10,000 mark, where it’s up against some strong competitors with similar (and sometimes better) features.

Titan Talk puts a lot of faith in its calling feature, which is pretty unique, but how important that is to you when looking for a smartwatch will depend on how important calling is to you.

In this price range, it competes with things like the Amazfit GTS 2/GTR 2, which has a good screen, a built-in GPS, and fitness tracking that goes on all the time. It also works with third-party apps like Strava. The Mi Watch Revolve Active is another good choice. It has a good screen, built-in GPS, and a lot of activity modes, and the battery can last up to two weeks. But keep in mind that neither of these lets you take calls on your wrist.