Blue Lock Manga Chapter 214: Release Date and Predictions!

blue lock chapter 214 release date

Igaguri and Aiku are surprised by Isagi’s new weapon and way of scoring goals. Ness thinks this move was impossible, and Isagi couldn’t have done it because it wasn’t in the data.

He asks Isagi what he has been doing over the past few days. Now, the scene jumps back five days to when Isagi went to Kunigami for help.

Isagi says that his weakness is that he can only shoot straight with his right foot, and he wants to know how to do both. Kunigami thinks it’s gross and pushes him away.

Kunigami tells Isagi that he will only destroy his specs if he keeps insisting. Kunigami was forced to do it, and he didn’t have a choice. However, he was strong enough to do it.

He also says that Isagi’s specs and aim will be ruined if he tries to get stronger by taking shortcuts. Isagi thinks Kunigami still cares about him, so he tells him this.

Isagi still follows Kunigami after he leaves because she wants to train with him. We see Chigiri waiting for him. He keeps saying that he wants to train with Kunigami and show him how good he is.

After seeing Kunigami’s show, Bachira also comes and says that he wants in. He tells them they should all train together. As soon as Kunigami accepts the challenge, this starts to make him angry.

Isagi now knows that Chigiri and Bachira didn’t do much to change their weapons. He only needed a custom-made secondary weapon, which was his lefty shoot.

blue lock chapter 214 release date

They all get together for a training session because they can’t wait to play with each other. The situation comes back into play, and Isagi thinks he can win with his secondary weapon.

Blue Lock Chapter 213: Recap

Isagi Yoichi has finally scored his first goal in the Neo Egoist League. This puts his team ahead of the Italy Ubers, whose defense seemed unbeatable. The goal of Ubers, Canali is shocked to see Yoichi’s play style change so quickly.

Even though the Ubers had a lot of data, they didn’t know that he could use his left foot to make a direct shot into the goal. This was a huge surprise for them. Canali asks Yoichi what he did to get so much better in such a short time, so a flashback from 5 days ago happens.

Yoichi goes to the gym to ask Kunigami to help him train. Yoichi worries about his current playing style and how he can only shoot well with his right foot. He wants Kunigami to teach him how to shoot with both feet.

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Kunigami is disgusted by Yoichi’s sudden request, so he says no to him right away. Yoichi still wants him to train with him at least. Still, Kunigami says that it will hurt him more than help him because he has to play with both feet.

Still, if Yoichi tried to train like him, his body balance might be thrown off, and his performance might get worse. Kunigami walks away and says that a real football player never tries to get better by taking short cuts.

Yoichi understands what he’s worried about and asks to only watch Kunigami train when Chigiri shows up. Kunigami tells him to leave, but Chigiri instead challenges him and says that he has changed so that he can watch him.

Bachira joins the conversation because he thinks it’s some kind of get-together. Bachira says he just wanted to hang out with Yoichi and was impressed by the Bastard vs. Manshine match because everyone went all out on “ego juice.”

blue lock chapter 214 release date

Bachira and the crazy ways he tried to explain how Yoichi and Chigiri played. Then he looks at Kunigami and runs over to him to ask for a training session. Kunigami still won’t join any reunion, but Bachira says it’s not a reunion but a face-off because he wants to see how well he can dribble the ball against a strong opponent.

He challenges Kunigami to a fight like the ones they used to have, and Chigiri joins in the fun. Chigiri also asks Yoichi to join to make it a 2v2 match because he wants to improve his speed.

Yoichi figures out how Chigiri and Bachira train when he thinks about how they both got better by making small changes to their weapons instead of changing the way they play.

He now knows that he needs a new secondary weapon to go with his “Direct Shot” weapon instead of turning into a two-footer.

Release date of Blue Lock Chapter 214

On April 9, 2023, Blue Lock Chapter 214 will come out. The fans of the sports-based manga can’t wait for the next chapter to come out. Write the date down on your calendars!

Here Are the Times Blue Lock 214 Comes out In Different Parts of The World

  • New York, USA on Sunday, 09 April 2023 at 09:00 EDT
  • London, United Kingdom on Sunday, 09 April 2023 at 14:00 BST
  • India Standard Time, IST on Sunday, 09 April 2023 at 18:30 IST
  • Japan Standard Time, JST on Sunday, 09 April 2023 at 22:00 JST