The Internet Is Fully Obsessing Again Over Margot Robbie’s Feet After Barbie Trailer Dropped!

internet fully obsessing again over

This year, Barbiecore is popular for a reason. In the new trailer for the Barbie movie, Margot Robbie showed off her great pink clothes, which no doubt reminded people why Barbie is such a famous doll.

Robbie’s feet, which are again all over the internet, may have been the most memorable part of the new teaser video. Margot Robbie is a perfect actress, whether she lights up the red carpet with her beautiful outfits or blows us away with her unforgettable roles as Tonya Harding and Harley Quinn.

The internet is paying attention to her platinum blonde hair, a lot of pink, and her perfect feet because her next big part is the famous Barbie. As this user of Twitter said:

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Yes, they are, and she doesn’t even have to be made out of plastic for them to look so good. This wouldn’t be the first time that someone noticed the Australian actress’s feet.

When her Once Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Brad Pitt won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role, he made a joke in his speech about Tarantino’s obsession with filming her feet and the feet of the other women in the movie.

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Robbie laughed really hard at Pitt’s joke, which was a good thing. If you were shocked that Barbie and Tarantino’s latest movie showed a lot of Robbie’s feet, this Twitter post showed a photo collage of other times when her feet were on display.

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In each shot, whether the feet are hanging or wrapped around someone’s neck, they speak for themselves. Not that the internet has a problem with seeing these feet, even if they look dirty, like in this tweet.


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Quentin Tarantino sure got some great shots of those feet in their natural state, didn’t he? When so many feet show up in one movie, you can’t help but stare or notice a pattern as those toes are revealed.

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The director of Kill Bill even tried to explain the way he shows feet in his movies by saying that other directors before him did the same thing. But, as this funny person on social media said, Tarantino might get jealous when he sees that beautiful foot shot in the new Barbie video.

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Does this mean that now directors will start to notice Margot Robbie’s new signature feet? Will we be able to see her feet in all of her future movies and trailers? Fans are starting to notice a little pattern, like this Twitter joke.

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Greta Gerwig’s new movie shows that Margot Robbie’s feet are glowing, along with dream houses, Ryan Gosling, and bright pink that hurts your eyes. The Barbie movie from 2023 will be on screens this summer, on July 21st.