Olivia Culpo’s Net Worth: The Result of Modeling, Pageantry, and Entrepreneurship!

olivia culpo net worth

Olivia Frances Culpo, who is known in the United States as an actress, model, and social media celebrity, was born on May 8, 1992. Following her victory at the Miss Rhode Island USA pageant in 2012, she went on to win the titles of Miss USA and Miss Universe that same year.

Early Life and Education


Olivia Culpo was the third of her parents Peter and Susan Culpo five children to be born. She was the middle child and was born on May 8, 1992, in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Her father, who ran restaurants, is a co-owner of a number of different companies centered in the Boston area. Culpo has a younger brother named Gus, an older sister named Aurora, an older brother named Pete, and a younger sister named Sophia.

Culpo is the oldest sibling. They have both Italian and Irish ancestry in their family tree. Culpo had her formal education during her formative years at the all-female Roman Catholic institution known as St. Mary Academy – Bay View.

She began playing the cello when she was in the second grade, and she went on to give performances with the instrument with a variety of groups, including the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and the Rhode Island Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble.

Culpo spent two consecutive summers learning music at the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina. She enrolled at Boston University when she was a young adult, but she never finished her degree there.

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The Net Worth Of Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo
Net Worth $8 Million
Annual Income $1.5 Million
Model, Social Media Star,
Last Update 2023 April

Since Olivia Culpo won the title of Miss Universe in 2012, her wealth has risen to an estimated $8 million at this point. Due to the fact that she has $5 million followers on Instagram, she is a prominent figure on social media.

In addition to that, she has dabbled in acting, making appearances in a variety of plays and movies, some of which include American Satan, The Other Woman, I Feel Pretty, Paradise City, and Reprisal.

A Career in The Pageantry


In 2012, Culpo competed in her first beauty pageant, which was for the title of Miss Rhode Island USA. She went on to compete in the Miss USA pageant in June, which she also won, after being crowned the winner of the competition.

Last but not least, Culpo competed in and ultimately won the Miss Universe pageant in December of 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She was the first person to accomplish so representing the United States since Brook Lee in 1997, making her the eighth person to represent the United States and earn the title since then.

In addition, Culpo was the first woman from the state of Rhode Island to compete for and win the title of Miss Universe. Culpo went to Indonesia at the beginning of 2013 in order to assist in the coronation of the winner of the national beauty pageant known as Puteri Indonesia.

In the latter part of the year, she participated in the Sherri Hill fashion show in New York City, where she crowned Gabriela Isler of Venezuela as her successor to the Miss Universe title.

The Fashion Industry and Social Media

Since she was crowned Miss Universe all those years ago, Culpo has gone on to have a very successful career. Because of the large number of people who follow her on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, she has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of social media.

Culpo’s connections with brands like L’Oréal, Uberliss, and Kipling allowed her to enter the world of fashion influencing. In addition, Culpo is a fashion model. In addition, she was included in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, where she shared the cover with Kate Bock and Jasmine Sanders in the year 2020.

A Career in Film


Culpo made her acting debut with a small role in the 2014 comedy film “The Other Woman,” which also starred Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, amongst other well-known actors.

Culpo’s role was brief but memorable. She was referred to as the Raven-Haired Beauty, who was one of the characters that the actor Coster-Waldau wooed romantically in the show.

Culpo had a more prominent role in the 2017 supernatural musical thriller “American Satan,” in which she played the girlfriend of the main character, which was played by Andy Biersack. After that, Culpo has roles in two movies released in 2018.

The first movie to be discussed is the comedy titled “I Feel Pretty,” which stars Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Aidy Bryant, Rory Scovel, and Emily Ratajkowski. In the second film, an action thriller called “Reprisal,” Bruce Willis, Johnathon Schaech, and Frank Grillo appeared in the film.

Culpo made an appearance in “The Swing of Things” in the year 2020. The year after that, she got her most significant role to date in the romantic drama “Venus as a Boy,” which was written and directed by the film’s lead, Ty Hodges.

Culpo portrayed the lead female character of Ruby in the movie. Ruby is a prominent influencer who has a romantic relationship with an artist who resides in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

Culpo played the role of Ruby. Bai Ling, Trace Lysette, Estelle, Gilles Marini, and Stacy Barthe are some of the other actors who are included in the production. The Icelandic musician Bjork released the song “Venus as a Boy” as a single in 1993. “Venus as a Boy” was named after the song.

A Career in Television

Since she was declared the winner of Miss Universe in 2012, Culpo has participated in the pageant in a variety of different positions on multiple occasions.

In 2015, she was a member of the judging panel, however, in 2019, she worked as a backstage correspondent. Culpo acted as the host for the Miss Universe 2020 competition, which was ultimately moved to May 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to her role as Miss Universe, Culpo appeared as a special guest on an episode of the reality food competition show “Hell’s Kitchen” in the year 2017.

The year after that, she was a main cast member in the documentary series “Model Squad” that aired on E! The other important cast members included Daniela Braga, Hannah Ferguson, Nadine Leopold, Devon Windsor, and Ping Hue.

In addition to her numerous television credits, Culpo has performed her part in the movie “American Satan” on the television series “Paradise City,” which is a continuation of the movie and is available on Amazon Prime Video. The first episode of the series was shown in March of 2021.

Personal Life


Olivia Culpo began dating the American singer Nick Jonas in 2013, and the two of them first met while Olivia was competing in the Miss USA 2013 pageant. They had been together for close to two years before breaking up in 2015.

Olivia began a romantic connection with NFL great Danny Amendola in April of 2016, and the two are still together. They were photographed together at various parties, including the Coachella festival, but in March 2018, they decided to end their relationship.

Christian McCaffrey, a professional football player in the United States, is the man whom Olivia Culpo is now dating.