The 10 Best Alternatives To XMovies8 In 2023!

The 10 Best Alternatives To XMovies8 In 2023!

In recent years, more and more people have been watching movies online. If you look around the Internet, it’s easy to find many video sites where you can watch movies for free.

23-010952-how_to_choose_a_date_night_movie-1596362One of the most amazing places was xMovies8, which had thousands of movies and TV shows of every type. But it doesn’t work anymore because someone stole the rights and shut it down. If you want to watch movies but don’t want to use xMovies8, read this post.

Here Is The List of 10 XMovies8 Alternatives

1.) Tubi


Tubi, also called Tubi TV, is the first suggested xMovies8 alternative for watching free movies online without signing up. It has more than 20,000 movies and TV shows that you can watch without a credit card or a contract. The site’s streaming video is organized by topic, collection, and TV network.

2.) Plex

blog-plex-4535320Plex is the second app you can use instead of xMovies8. You don’t have to sign up for an account to watch full-length movies online for free on this site. It also has TV shows, podcasts, and sports news. Movies are put into different genres, such as horror, comedy, animation, drama, etc., on the site.

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3.) YesMovies

YesMovies is a good choice if you want to watch movies and TV shows online without having to sign up or see pop-up ads. The xMovies8 alternative website has HD versions of the latest Hollywood hits, TV shows, and award-winning movies. You can find and watch movies of many different types, like action and science fiction.

the-best-yesmovies-alternatives-available-today-2086569This site has films in more than 30 different languages, so you can watch movies from the United States, Germany, Japan, India, and many other places. It lets you sort movies by IMDB rank, quality, and even when they came out. There is no secret cost to using the streaming service.

4.) FMovies

FMovies is one of the best sites for streaming movies and TV shows for free. It is a great alternative to xMovies8 because it doesn’t stop the movie to show ads.

The videos on the site are sorted by country, genre, IMDB grade, and other factors.


On this site, you can watch over 20,000 movies and 5,000 TV shows live in high quality, or you can download them to watch later. Play your best movie on FMovies and click the Download icon while the video is loading to download it online.

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5.) JustWatch

JustWatch is a great option for xMovies8 because it is a fast and safe site for streaming. You can use this tool to find out what movies and TV shows are coming out and when. It lets you know about the latest movies and TV shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. The site’s filters let you see the videos in the type, rating, release year, etc. that you want to see.

dreamstime_xl_179278067-5274700The best thing about the site is that you can put movies on a list to watch later. It has a nice-looking interface that can make your viewing experience better. When you watch a movie, you can change the playing speed to make it go slower or faster.

6.) Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a well-known service for streaming videos online, and it is one of the best options to xMovies8. The site gathers together a lot of HD movies, TV shows, news, cartoons, sports events, and other good feeds.

peacock-wob-9171964You can watch some videos on Peacock for free, but you need a paid subscription to see all of them.

The company that runs it, NBCUniversal, says that you can watch about 7,500 hours of movies for free.

7.) Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another easy-to-use site like xMovies8 where you can watch movies online for free and view them. It has a collection of HD streaming movies that you can watch without paying a monthly fee. About 50 countries, like the US, Australia, and Sweden, can get to the site.

The streaming site is available across all your devices. You can download and install the Popcornflix app on your mobile phone to watch hundreds of free movies and TV shows on the go. Its interface is clean and intuitive in order to reach your desired content quickly and easily.

8.) Vudu

vudu-logo-7764225One of the best places to watch free movies online is Vudu, which is also an option for xMovies8. The web app is easy to use because it has a simple layout. You can sort movies by the date they came out, the genre, the MPAA grade, and the studio. You can watch the newest movies and TV shows with Vudu on almost all of your Internet-connected devices.

9.) GOKU

GOKU is a popular new option to xMovies8. This website where you can watch free movies and TV shows online is easy to use. No account is needed to watch HD videos for free. The site has more than 66,000 movies and TV shows, and the list is still being added to. You can watch the newest and most popular movies or stream the movies with the highest IMDb ratings.

10.) Crackle


Crackle is a great replacement for xMovies8. This site lets you watch Hollywood movies without any cuts or changes for free.

With a free account, you can save where you are in the show and add more than one movie or TV show to your “watchlist.” The xMovies8 option sorts videos by how popular they are, how recently they were updated, and how they fit into a few main categories. You can look for the movie you want to watch right away.