Blue Lock Episode 25 Release Date Speculation and Rumors!

blue lock episode 25 release date

In Blue Lock episode 24, the World Five beat Team Blue Lock. Even though the game was close, the main characters couldn’t compete with the best players in the world. Rin tried to fight, but he fell behind and was only able to accomplish one of his goals.

The other teams for the third round of voting were picked, and one of the results was a shocker because a well-known person didn’t make it past the first round. Even though I feel bad for Kunigami, it’s time for me to face new problems. These are the latest changes.

When Will Blue Lock Episode 25 Come Out?


Blue Lock Episode 25 won’t come out because the show has ended. This is because nobody knows when the show’s second season will start but they will be expected date released by the end of 2023. After all, there were only 24 shows in the first season of the show.

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Blue Lock Episode 25 Speculations

Since the series is already over, there is no Blue Lock episode 25. Episode 25 of the second season, which has already been planned, will be released.

Nagi will also be the subject of a movie. The fact that Team Blue Lock met Rin’s brother will bring future events to a whole new level. Sae Itoshi is a totally different kind of man, and I can’t wait to see him act.

We just have to be patient and watch the Nagi movie, which will probably come out before the second season.

Blue Lock Episode 24 Recap


The first goal was scored by Team Blue Lock. Isagi went on and on about how they made it possible to reach the goal, but he wasn’t happy because he didn’t do it. When the game starts up again, Isagi faces Julian Loki, a player from France.

He beats everyone quickly and makes it to the goal, which surprises team Blue Lock with his speed and acceleration. The game starts up again, but this time Rin tries to take the ball from Julian, but Luna steals it and runs ahead.

He gives the ball to Pablo, and Pablo kicks it in front of Bachira and Isagi. Dada Silva and Adam Blake get in the way of Aoshi and Jyubei and score a goal. Like this, they move ahead of their opponent and reach a gap of 3-1.

Isagi feels down when he sees how far behind the world stars he is. But Rin doesn’t want to give up, so she faces Luna again. Luna says that he likes Rin because of how brave he is, but he still makes it easy to goal.

Now, there is a 5-1 difference. The game goes against Team Blue Lock. The Blue Lock project is canceled because of Ego’s ego and the fact that there is no obvious result. Ego chooses to use one big match to show them what will happen.

Isagi thinks about how much work he has to do. Later, Rin’s teammates try to make her teach them English. In the third round of team selection, the new teams are chosen. The team of Barou, Nagi, Chigri, Tsurugi, and Kiyora is chosen first.


The other teams also come in, and Gagamaru and Raichi are on one of them. Igaguri also makes it. Reo is there, too, but Shidou Ryusei takes the place of Kunigami. When the other teams hear this, they are shocked.

Some people don’t like it when Shidou makes fun of Kunigami. Ego gets in the way and tells everyone that he has set up a match between the Blue Lock team and the Japan U-20 team. It is to keep the government from giving up on the project.

It won’t be a hard game. But Sae Itoshi has been added to the U-20 team. Now is their chance to make a name for themselves by taking over the U-20 team.