How to Stop Audible in 2023 (and Why You Should)!

cancel audible subscription

Most of what I talk about on Lovely Audiobooks is all the good things about different audiobook services. Still, I’m going to tell you not only how to stop Audible, but also why it might be a good idea.

Why Cancelling an Audible Membership Is a Good Idea?


Well, maybe you just don’t like podcasts, and this is the last time you’ll ever visit my blog. Then it goes without saying that you should stop your Audible membership. Doing so will save you a lot of money on a service you don’t need. That is a good thing.

But if you love audiobooks, you might still be better off if you quit Audible. First, when you try to cancel your membership, Audible often gives you a big deal if you agree to keep it. You might be able to get a contract for 3 or 12 months for up to 50% less.

Since when you do this, your membership starts over and you get charged right away, Audible doesn’t mind at all if you cancel just to sign up again.

Having said that, you can’t always do this. They won’t give you a deal on a subscription every three months, so you’ll have to leave. Second, Audible has a lot to offer for the price, but it’s not the only audiobook membership service out there.

And you might be much happier with something else! If Audible Premium Plus is too expensive for you, you could look into getting audiobooks from Chirp or through Amazon Whispersync deals.

You could still listen to one or two audiobooks a month, but you would pay less than $10 for them (compared to $14.95 for an Audible membership).

If you want to cancel Audible because you want to listen to more than one audiobook per month, you could look into Kindle Unlimited, Clubs, or take a closer look at Audible Plus, which is included in a normal Audible membership but not many people know about it.

You can choose to support independent bookstores instead of Amazon and Audible if you’re fed up with how they treat writers. LibroFM is a podcast service that works like Audible’s membership plan.

But you don’t buy your CD from a big company. Instead, you buy it from a small, local store. I used to cancel my Audible subscription all the time because I didn’t need it. I mostly listened to free audiobooks or Audible books I got cheaper with Whispersync.

I didn’t sign up for a 1-year subscription until Audible Plus came out and offered a very nice deal. Each credit cost me only a little more than what I normally pay for a Whispersync audiobook. And I want to always be able to use Audible Plus because I really like it.

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How to Stop an Audible Membership?


Before we get to the technical part, you should know that you can’t keep your Audible credits after you stop your membership. Make sure you spend all of them before you cancel the account.

But don’t worry, all the Audible books you bought are yours to keep! You can join again at any time, of course. You will still have access to your own account and podcast library.

Once you stop, you won’t get any more monthly Audible credits, and you won’t be able to use the Audible Plus catalog until you sign up again. If you borrow an Audible Plus book, it will be taken out of your library immediately.

If you’re using Audible’s free trial, you can also stop right away and you won’t be charged. The audiobook you bought with the credit you got for the test month will stay in your library.

And, as I said before, you can always sign in to your Audible account, even if you don’t have a current subscription.

You Can Only Cancel Audible in a Browser, Not in the App!

How to Cancel Your Audible Membership

To cancel your Audible membership, go to the top right area where “Hi” and your name are written. Just follow that link. Now, a menu pops up that tells you what your membership state is right now.

Account Details is the first link on the page. When you click on that, you go to a page that gives you an outline.

At the bottom of this page is a link that says “Cancel membership” and a button that says “Switch membership.” When you click that, Audible will walk you through the rest of the steps to stop.

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Depending on whether or not you qualify for a cheap membership, this looks different. You can also call Audible’s customer service and have them cancel your membership for you if you don’t feel safe with the process.

And you can put your Audible account on hold if you want to. That can be a good option if you have Audible points left over and don’t know what to buy with them.

But if you put Audible on hold, you’ll have to remember to stop it before it renews and charges you again. I like to put any extra credits toward pre-orders if there aren’t any games I want to buy at the time.

Even if you stop paying for Audible, your pre-orders will still work, and when the book comes out, the audiobook will be added to your library, even if you’re no longer a member.