How To Successfully Change Your Name On Facebook? A Comprehensive Guide!

How To Successfully Change Your Name On Facebook?

For years, Facebook has been an important part of our daily lives. Even though it is one of the older social networks, it is still going strong. A study says that as of October 2022, more than 36.9% of all people on the planet use Facebook. Small parts of who we are show up in our Facebook profiles, and it all starts with our user names.

You might want to change your name for a number of reasons, like when you get married and want to go back to your original name or when you change your last name. This post will show you how to change your Facebook name.


Before you change your name on Facebook, you need to make sure that the site won’t reject the change. Here are some tips on how to change your Facebook page name:

Users can’t change their names again for 60 days after doing so.
Users can’t use strange characters, sentences that are used over and over, symbols, or punctuation.
It is against the rules to put titles (like Lord, Mr., Mrs., and others) before names.

Don’t use bad words or words that imply something.
The name shouldn’t sound like someone or something else.
You can’t use symbols from more than one language. For example, Facebook won’t let you have a name with some characters from outside the West and some English or French symbols.
Use a name that your friends and family can easily recognize you by.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Follow The Rules?

The rules for changing your name may not be very clear. Even so, Facebook needs to know your name and who you are if you break the rules. In these rare cases, you can’t access your Facebook account until you show proof of your name, like a passport or driver’s license, and the identity verification process is finished.

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How to Change Your Name on Facebook?


On The Website

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account.
Step 2: Click the dropdown arrow on the top right-hand corner, then tap Settings & Privacy. Click on Settings.

Step 3: Go to the General tab and click Edit next to Name.

Step 4: Enter the new name and select Review Change.

Step 5: Preview your name and choose how you would prefer your name to appear.

Step 6: Enter your password and tap Save Changes.

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On the Mobile App (Android and iOS)


Step 1: Click on the hamburger menu on the mobile app and scroll down to tap on Settings and Privacy. Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Go to the Personal Information section and tap on your name to type in the new name.

Step 3: Click on Review Change.

Step 4: Choose the display preference for your name and enter your password. Click Save Changes.

Note that the above steps are for changing the display name, not your username. What’s the difference, you ask? While multiple people can have the same name, the username is unique to every Facebook user.


If you’re lovingly known by more than one name among your circle of friends, you don’t necessarily need to change your name on Facebook. You have other options! You can add a name or nickname to your existing name on your Facebook profile. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on Settings & Privacy > Settings > Personal Information. Then tap on Name.
  • Click on Add a nickname, a birth name. Choose your option of choice.
  • Type in the name.
  • Choose if you want this name displayed on your Facebook profile.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Remember, your profile can get banned from Facebook for breaching guidelines. Do you know any other tips regarding how to change your name on Facebook? Tell us in the comments section.