How Can I Take Screenshots on My Chromebook? Find Out Here?

How Can I Take Screenshots on My Chromebook?

Taking a picture on your computer can help you with a lot of different things. You can quickly show someone a problem you’re trying to fix, get ideas for your next big project, or help a friend or family member out by showing them how to do something. But taking a picture is different from one device to the next and from one operating system to the next. And this includes Chromebooks and ChromeOS.

For a long time, Chromebooks only had a simple screenshot tool that could only be used with a not-so-obvious computer shortcut. Last year, Google made a tool called “Screenshot” that lets you take pictures and videos of what’s on your Chromebook screen. Here are two ways to open the Screen Capture tool, how to use it, and where to find the screenshots you take.

Screenshot on a Chromebook With a Keyboard Shortcut

To bring up the Screen Capture menu, you have to press Shift+Ctrl+Show Windows. The Show Windows key is on the top row of the keyboard, and its icon looks like a window with two more windows behind it. Just press these three buttons, and the menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Also, you can press Ctrl+Show Windows to quickly take a picture of your full screen instead of just a specific area or window.

How Can I Take Screenshots on My Chromebook? All Chromebooks can use these keys for the keyboard. Some Chromebooks, though, have a Screen Capture key on the top row of the keyboard. Look for a key that has an image of a camera on it. This is usually square with a circle in the middle. When you press it, the tool will start up instantly. No other keys are needed.

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Screenshot on a Chromebook From Quick Settings

I have a hard time learning shortcut keys, so I’m always looking for an alternative. Google made it easier for me to take pictures by adding a shortcut button to the Quick Settings panel, so I never have to think about what keys I need again. Click on the time on Chrome’s Shelf to bring up the Quick Settings menu. Just click or tap on Screen Capture to open the menu.

How To Use The Screenshot Toolbar?

The Screen Capture toolbar lets you do more than just take pictures. You can also use it to record what’s on your screen. On the far left side of the menu is a switch that lets you switch between photos and videos.

960x0-5901819To the right of this switch, you can choose to take a screenshot of the whole screen, a partial picture of a certain area, or a screenshot of a certain window. These work for both pictures and movies. Also, you can turn on or off the mic while recording your screen by clicking on the settings cog on the menu. This makes it easy to add a voiceover to your screenshots.

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Where a Chromebook Saves Its Screen Shots?

When you take a screenshot or record something, you can view it right away from the Clipboard, which keeps the last five things you put on it. To see what’s available, just press the Everything button (also known as the Search key) and the letter V.

img_20171017_084833-5404024Your Chromebook also has a place to put it called “Tote” on the Shelf. It’s where your most recent pictures are kept. You can also pin files to Tote, so you can keep an important picture ready to go so you don’t have to look for it.

You can find screenshots that are no longer in the Clipboard in your files. When you open the Files app on your Chromebook, your screenshots will be in the Images folder and your screen videos will be in the Videos folder.