My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime Drops: The Next Chapter of A Battle Royale Between Siblings!

My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime Release Date

My One-Hit Kill Sister, Konoe’s brand-new fantasy-comedy anime adaptation, has quickly emerged as one of the most captivating Isekai additions to 2023. With the release of the first episode, fans from all over the world praised the show for its original plot.

Which Follows the protagonist Asahi, whose abilities are hindered by an overpowered deuteragonist, Maya, who also happens to be his older sister. Asahi had anticipated that his potential would change despite his resurrection in a different environment.

Fortunately, he has his loving older sister who follows him into the unfamiliar environment and watches out for him in the most unusual ways. With Asahi and Maya’s increasing popularity, fans are eager to follow the adventures of these amusing siblings.

My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime Release Date

My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime Release Date

The second episode of My One-Hit Kill Sister will run this Saturday, April 15, 2023, at 10:30 p.m. JST on TOKYO MX AND Sun TV. The episode will also air later on BS Fuji and A-TX, among other syndications. My One-Hit Kill Sister will be streamed only on Crunchyroll, as was stated on the industry panel of Crunchyroll Expo 2022.

The most recent episodes are available to viewers globally for free on the site. However, as the free version has intrusive advertisements, users can upgrade to Crunchyroll’s Fan ($7.99/month) or Mega Fan ($9.99/month) plans, two of the site’s well-liked premium subscriptions, for a seamless streaming experience.

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My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime: Recap of the Previous Episode 1

After dying after being hit by a car, Asahi was soon resurrected in a separate universe, as was revealed in the anime’s first episode. He strolled through a village, stopping at a shop to exchange his smartphone for some indigenous apparel and a sword.

My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime Release Date

Asahi ultimately readies himself for the challenges he would face because he had previously been a devoted Isekai otaku who had invested a lot of time and money in games and manga. Unintentionally, he ran into a huge Wyvern. Fortunately, his older sister Maya, who repeatedly bashed her skull against a wall to save him, came with him to the Isekai world.

Maya revealed to Asahi that she was unable to revive him when he was unconscious in the outside world. After Maya had rescued the hamlet from three ogres, Asahi got all the praise and was dubbed a “mighty hero” by the villagers.

My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime Cast

The Cast Members are listed as follows:

My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime Release Date

My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime: What To Expect in the Next Episode

Asahi and Maya will be exploring new areas and guilds in You Call Me Your Sister?, the second episode of My One-Hit Kill Sister, where they are likely to meet people who will considerably improve their adventure.

My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime Release Date

Due to his tiny deed, Asahi has become one of the strongest heroes and will be taking on assignments above his rank. Even though she won’t let her younger brother get into trouble, Maya must safeguard his privacy.

Maya has become a force to be reckoned with due to her outstanding ability in her role. Asahi is unlikely to be discouraged from reaching his full potential because he doesn’t want to wind up like his older sister, despite her penchant for one-hit kills.

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My One-Hit Kill Sister Anime Trailer

The New Trailer is available on the anime’s official YouTube channel below: