Antoine Walker’s Net Worth: A Look at the Former NBA Star’s Finances!

antoine walker net worth

Antoine Walker is a well-known former pro basketball player and sports commentator from the United States. He used to play in the NBA for the Minnesota Timberwolves before he stopped.

Antoine and the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship in 2005-2006. He has also been an NBA All-Star three times. Learn more about Antoine Walker by reading the story. Find out how he got to where he is now and how he lost hundreds of millions of money.

Find out more about Antoine Walker, such as his life story, schooling, family, and many other things.

Antoine Walker Early Life & Education


On August 12, 1976, Antoine Devon Walker was born in Chicago, Illinois, which is in the United States. Walker grew up in Chicago, where he and his family used to live.

He went to Mount Carmel High School at first, where he learned how to play basketball and became a very good future hope. He also knew people like Donovan McNabb, who went on to be a very great quarterback in the National Football League.

Walker was able to get a scholarship to play basketball at the University of Kentucky because he was so good at the sport. There, he had a lot of success. In his first year with his college team, Walker became well-known when he was named MVP. He was then picked up by the NBA, and the rest is history.

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Antoine Walker: Career & Awards

Antoine Walker’s first job as a worker was in the NBA in 1996. The Boston Celtics took him in the sixth spot in the draft, and he played his first season with them. Walker made the NBA All-Rookie First Team because he did well in his first year with the Boston Celtics.

Later, his success made him popular, and NBA Live 99’s cover featured him. Walker was moved to the Dallas Mavericks in 2003. He spent one season there. He stayed with the Atlanta Hawks from 2004 to 2005.

He went back to Boston, but he only stayed there for a year. But by that time, he had lost most of his ability, and there were many other good players. Soon, he went to the Miami Heat and had more success.

He also won the NBA Championship there. Later, he didn’t reach any big goals, so he stopped playing in 2012. He also went to the Puerto Rican League for a short time.

Antoine Walker’s Net Worth


Antoine Walker is a famous person in the United States who has gotten a lot of praise for his work. Walker started his journey at the University of Kentucky, where he won several awards and several championships.

Walker was picked up by the National Basketball Association (NBA) in 1996. Soon, he had some success with the Boston Celtics. This was his first step into the NBA. In 2004, he moved to the Dallas Mavericks and played there for a year.

He played in the NBA until 2008, then went to the Puerto Rican League. Even though Walker had a lot of success, he went bankrupt and lost all of his money.

Because he gambled and got in trouble with the law, he lost most of his money and property. At the moment, he is worth $3 Million.