How Can Google Lens Help Me Identify Objects And Text on My iPhone?

How Can Google Lens Help Me Identify Objects And Text on My iPhone?

Google Lens is a fun and useful app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify things through a smartphone camera and suggest activities to the user. The Google Lens app is only available for Android phones, but iPhone users can still use Google Lens in other ways. In fact, the Google app and the Google Photos app for iOS already have it built in.

Google Lens, which came out in 2017, can look at words or items in a picture and give Google Search results from the web, image results, or suggestions for what to do next. For example, if a user holds their camera up to an outfit, Google Lens will find related items in Google’s search results.

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94241986-1216313It can also translate words, even handwritten notes, and send that information to a computer. It can even help someone with their math homework by giving answers to problems that are hard to understand.

On an iPhone, users must download the Google app and/or the Google Photos app in order to use Google Lens. Both of them are free in the App Store. The Google Pictures app lets users train Lens on pictures they just took or have had for a long time.

The Google app, on the other hand, lets users focus Lens on things and get information about them in real-time. Google Image search also works with Lens. Just go to in an online browser on your phone.

Using Google Lens On An iPhone

In the Google Photos app, users should tap on the picture they want to learn more about. Then tap the Google Lens button at the bottom of the screen. Or, in the Google app, just look for the Google Lens button in the search bar.

Users might need to give permission to use the camera. Users can point their phone at a nearby building or place to find out more about it, like its past or business hours.

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How Can Google Lens Help Me Identify Objects And Text on My iPhone?

Using Google Lens, a person can take a picture of a business card and add the information to their contacts. Lens can also help you decide what to order at a restaurant by letting you translate the menu or take a picture of it and find information and reviews about the different meals.

Book fans, on the other hand, can take a picture of a book to find out where to buy it, who wrote it, and what other books the author has written. It can even help people find cheaper things to buy when they are shopping. If a user likes the look of a bag or shirt but can’t afford that brand, for example, they can take a picture of it to find similar but more affordable products or scan the barcode to find the same product elsewhere.

When Google Lens is made available in these ways, it lets iPhone users use a tool that is only available on Android phones. Google Lens can help people who have trouble typing or writing, or who just prefer to learn things visually. Also, it’s fun, easy, and handy to quickly take a picture and get search results from that.