How to Delete or Deactivate Your Facebook Account!

deactivate facebook

Facebook has had a number of problems over the years, and they all have to do with its users’ privacy and safety. This led to the #DeleteFacebook movement, which might have made you want to delete Facebook.

But there is another way to do it. You don’t have to delete Facebook; you can just stop using it. But what happens to your Facebook account when you turn it off? Can you still use Messenger if you turn off Facebook? And what does it mean to delete Facebook instead of just turning it off?

What’s The Difference Between Deleting Something from Facebook and Turning It Off?


There is a difference between getting rid of your Facebook account and turning it off. They don’t mean the same thing. People who aren’t sure if they want to leave Facebook for good can deactivate their accounts.

Deactivating your account is a good choice if you just want to take a break from social media, but it’s not the only one. You could just ignore Facebook instead of turning it off, but that relies on how likely you are to come back.

Deleting Facebook is more serious. It’s not something you should decide on a whim.

If you delete your account, you can’t expect that your info will still be there when you come back. There is a way to start over, but we’ll talk about that in more detail later.

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If I Turn Off My Facebook Account, Can People Still Find Me?

People can still look for you, but they shouldn’t see your page. That’s the idea, anyway. Your list of “likes” and your history will go away. That should happen right away, but you’ll have to jump through a few hoops first. It won’t be possible to see anything.

In the same way, if you delete your Facebook account, it will go away. But you won’t be completely deleted for a while because the social network gives you 30 days before you can’t change your mind.

If you log in again soon after turning off your account, it will be turned back on immediately.

Otherwise, it takes Facebook 90 days to remove information from its computers about a deleted account. Some information will still be there, but anything that could be used to identify a person will be gone. You will become a number.

If I Turn off Facebook, Does My Profile Go Away for Good?


When you deactivate your account, your name should disappear. But some people who have been deactivated say that when they log back in, they have a lot of open friend requests.

This means that you can still search for their names and that the links are still working. Depending on your privacy choices, people shouldn’t be able to see all of your information.

How Do You Make Sure That Your Facebook Page Goes Away After You Deactivate It?

Try a simple search, either on Google or through a friend’s page. The first choice is better because it could take a long time to look through results for people with the same name as you.

This should tell you if people can still find you even though your account is no longer active. If you’re still on Facebook, try logging back in. If that works, try deactivating again. If this doesn’t work, you can either report to Facebook or delete the account.

If I Turn Off Facebook, Do My Comments Go Away?


If you’ve been deactivated, your posts on your own page won’t be visible to the public, and neither should your friends be able to see them. Everything about you will be gone. But that doesn’t mean that comments you made to other people will also go away.

Facebook can’t get enough memories.

It likes to make you feel old and tell you how long you’ve been using social media. It’s to get people to like the company.

Because of this, your words won’t go away. Since Facebook deleted the link to your account, your name will just show up as plain text. Facebook will also use a default icon in place of your personal picture.

And, of course, if you decide to turn your Facebook account back on, all of those things will go back to how they were before. Your profile picture and comments will be back, and your name will become a link again.

What Does a Facebook Account that Has Been Shut Down Look Like?

You won’t be able to look at their page because links turn back into plain text. You will still be able to see the posts they made on your feed, but you won’t be able to click on their name.

There are three things you can do if you’re worried about someone who has been strangely quiet on Facebook. The first reason is that they’re just busy. You could send them a message to see if they’re okay.

Check out the list of people you know. If they’re still on the list, it’s probably because they’re busy. If they aren’t, the second thing that could have happened is that they stopped you. But before you look into that, you should ask if they’ve really removed their account.

So How Do You Know if Someone Has Banned You on Facebook or Deactivated Their Account?


Go to the page of a friend you both know and see if the person in question is there. If their name is searchable, the profile still remains. But, unfortunately, that most likely means they stopped you.

Check Messenger. There might be a problem with the way it works. You can’t send a message to someone who has blocked you, and any comments they’ve made on your page will have their profile picture changed.

Can I Use Messenger Even if I don’t have Facebook?

You might worry that if you turn off Facebook, you won’t be able to use Messenger, which is a separate app but still linked to Facebook. Both of them belong to the same company and use the same list of contacts.

Messenger seems to be unable to survive without its parent, which used to be the case. but even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still use Messenger.

When you turn off your account, Facebook will ask if you also want to turn off Messenger. If you say no, the app will keep your info. If you’d rather not use instant chat, you can turn off Messenger on its own.

After deactivating Messenger, you may need to install it again. If you delete Facebook, you’ll have to sign into the app again, but you’ll have to do it a little differently. To do this, click “Not on Facebook?” and add your name and phone number. Give it access to your contact list so you can stay in touch with your friends.

Can People See My Facebook Messages After I Turn Off My Account?

Yes, you can still use Messenger, so your texts will still be there even after you deactivate your account. If you have internet access, when you click “Send,” the message will go straight to the recipient’s inbox.

Delete Facebook, on the other hand, and your old texts will say “Facebook User.” The person who gets it won’t be able to reply. By the way, this is also what happens when you stop someone.

Can a Facebook Account Be Turned Back On?


If you’ve turned off your Facebook account, all you have to do is sign in again. If you forget your password, you can change it. Your personal information is still there, and so is your identity. Usually, old texts and comments also come back.

In fact, Facebook makes it easy to get back online. This is especially true if you’ve given your phone number to the social network. Some users have said that Facebook has sent them texts trying to get them to come back.

Even if you click on the link by chance, your profile will be reactivated. (Of course, clicking on SMS links is dangerous, so be careful!) Can an old Facebook account be brought back to life? You can, but it’s tougher.

Before you delete your account, you’ll need to have taken steps to get ready for the restart. You can get a copy of all the information Facebook has about you by downloading it from the site. That means you can get your account back up and running, but it will take a little more work than if you had just turned it off.

What Happens to Photos I’ve Tagged on Facebook After I Deactivate My Account?

Because Facebook saved your information in case you come back, tags in photos will still be there. But these tags will be turned into plain text. No one can connect those pictures to a profile.

Again, no one can see your profile. This also applies to any other posts in which you are tagged. If you turn your account back on, the tags will come back as if nothing had happened.


When you delete tags, they turn back into plain text, so it’s a lot like when you added them. If you make a new account, those old tags won’t be linked to your name again immediately. Just think about how many people share your name.

Say you deleted your profile, then changed your mind and chose to come back. You’ll need to ask your friends to remove any old tags and update them to your new profile.

Worried about a picture that makes you look bad? Don’t want people to be able to find you even after you’ve been deleted or deactivated? Don’t forget that you can remove tags directly if you want to, but you should do that before you do anything else with your account.

Should You Turn Off Facebook or Delete It?

If you’re reading this because you’re not sure whether to remove or deactivate Facebook, choose the latter and keep using it. Why? Because it’s clear you don’t know what to do. It’s better to start with the non-nuclear choice so you can come back later.