Drake Bell’s Net Worth: What Contributed to His Financial Success?

drake bell net worth

Drake Bell is an American actor, comedian, guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer, and sometimes even a TV director. He is probably best known for being a kid star on Nickelodeon in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Drake has been on a number of TV shows, but “The Amanda Show” and “Drake & Josh” are the ones that stand out the most. Drake has had some problems in the past few years, like when he filed for bankruptcy in 2014 and said he owed about $600,000 in personal debt.

How Did Drake Bell Grow Up?

drake bell net worth

Drake was born in Santa Ana, California, on June 27, 1986. His mother, Robin Dodson, played pool for a living. He has one sister and three brothers who are older than him. Drake’s cousin is Heath Bell, who plays for the San Diego Padres.

Drake was five years old when his parents split up. Bell went to the Orange County High School of the Arts, where he got a lot of acting training.

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Career in Acting

Drake started acting when he was five. His father encouraged him to do so because he saw how talented and confident Drake was when he spoke in public and how well he could imitate people he saw on TV.

In 1994, Bell made her first appearance on an episode of “Home Improvement.” Around the same time, he did his first national TV ad for Whirlpool Appliances. He was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2000 for his role in the made-for-TV movie “The Jack Bull.”

In 2004, when he appeared on Nickelodeon’s “Drake & Josh” with actor and real-life friend Josh Peak, Bell’s career took off. The show was written with them in mind. The Peak was also a guest artist on “The Amanda Show” from 1999 to 2002.

Drake Bell has won nine Kid’s Choice Awards from Nickelodeon. Drake has had small parts in a number of movies, including “Jerry Maguire,” “Dragon World,” and “Yours, Mine, and Ours.”

In the live-action TV movie “A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!” that came out on July 9, 2011, Bell played the part of Timmy Turner.  He was also in the miniseries “Flying Tigers” and the web series “I Heart Vampires.”

Bell was chosen as Spider-Man in the animated series “Ultimate Spider-Man” in 2012, and he later played the character again in “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” In two Marvel video games, he has done the character of Spider-Man.

In 2014, he played Timmy Turner again in the third movie of “The Fairly Odd Parents” series. He was in the 2017 movie “Bad Kids of Crestview Academy.”

Career in Music


Bell started playing guitar when he was 12 years old. Roger Daltrey gave him his first real guitar lessons when the two of them were in a movie together. As a musician, Bell co-wrote and played the Drake & Josh Show theme song “Found a Way.”

His first album, “Telegraph,” was made and released on its own in 2005. “It’s Only Time” was his second album, which came out in 2006 after he got a record deal with Universal Motown.

Drake has put out two more albums since then: “Ready, Steady, Go!” in 2014 and “The Lost Album” in 2020. Neither did well on the charts or in sales, though. Drake put a picture of his broken wrist on Twitter in January 2015 and said that doctors told him he would never be able to play guitar again.

He got better quickly and was back to playing guitar in no time. Some of Bell’s songs are more famous in Mexico than in the U.S., and in 2016, he went there on a concert tour.

What is The Net Worth of Drake Bell?


Celebrity Net Worth says that Drake Bell’s net worth is $600,000 right now and in his younger years, Bell had an effect on TV. He started playing when he was 5 years old. His first TV role was in an episode of Home Improvement in 1994.

After he and Josh Peck starred in the Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh in 2004, he became a well-known name. Before Drake & Josh made him famous, Bell was a regular on another Nickelodeon hit, The Amanda Show, from 1999 to 2002.

Peck told E! News about how much money he made from Drake & Josh. “You live on about $450,000 over five years, which comes out to a little less than $100,000 a year,” Peck said. “This is a lot of money, but it won’t set you up for life.”

“And we lived on a lot of it. I’m not going to brag, but my mom and I bought a used BMW Five series with the money. We had a two-bedroom apartment with everything we needed. We were pretty middle-class.

In the early to late 2000s, Bell’s acting job made a big difference in how much money he had. But in 2014, he got into trouble with his money. He is said to have filed for bankruptcy and said he owed almost $600,000 in debt.

Because of the bankruptcy, Bell’s house, which he bought in 2007 for more than $2 million, was taken away from him. He also made only $14,000 in 2013, even though he said he made $408,000 the year before.