Is Tanner Buchanan’s Dating Longtime Love Lizze Broadway An Actress?


Tanner Buchanan was born in Burbank, California, on December 8, 1998.

Tanner Buchanan is his real name, and he’s 23 years old. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign for those born on December 8. Tiger is the zodiac sign of his zodiac.

The Edge Performance Center and Huckleberry Friends Production were among the places where he began studying in 2009 before obtaining his first professional part in a supporting role on Modern Family in 2010.

Tanner Buchanan and Lizzie Broadway have been a couple for a very long time, dating back to their teenage years. Tanner Buchanan and Lizzie Broadway have a long and joyful history of love and dating each other despite their brief absence.

Is Tanner Buchanan Single or Ready to Mingle?

Tanner Buchanan's Relationship Status

Let’s put the record right once and for all and dispel all the rumors. Tanner Buchanan is a man in chains. Since they were teenagers, he has been dating Lizze Broadway, a fellow actor. It has been reported that the couple has been dating since 2017.

Their love story is like something out of a fairy tale. At the 2019 Comic-Con, they were seen out and about together in public. The two have never spoken openly about their short-lived romance.

Tanner Buchanan's Relationship Status

Throughout the course of their romance, Buchanan and Lizze even briefly split up, but they worked out all of their issues and eventually found their way back to one another. They like to protect their personal lives and work to keep them hidden from the cameras’ flashing lights.

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His Relationship Status

Tanner Is Currently Engaged and Has a Committed Relationship if that is what you’re interested in knowing. Lizzie Broadway is his girlfriend. Lizzie is also an actor, I should probably let you know. However, if you believe that their relationship is brand-new, you are approaching it incorrectly.

Let me tell you, they’ve been together since they were teenagers. In fact, some rumors claim that the couple started dating in 2017. The duo was photographed together at Comic-Con in 2019. But they have both been quite cautious about their connection. It was never a fairytale, though, for the duo.

Tanner Buchanan's Relationship Status

They’ve experienced ups and downs.

Even for a small time, they were apart. Tanner even acknowledged that they had broken up in 2015 during an interview with Anna Faris in 2021, attributing the split to his own actions. Furthermore, he said that after they got back together.

About Lizze Broadway

Lizze’s full name is Elizabeth Lizze Broadway. We are aware of her career as a professional actor. This well-known actress was born on February 16, 1998, in Toledo, Ohio, and she is from California.

Her contributions to the films Splitting Up Together, American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules, The Rookie, Here and Now, and other films have received praise. She most recently appeared in the 2021 spin-off of The Boys.

Tanner Buchanan's Relationship Status

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She played the part of Emma there. She has also contributed to a number of popular shows, including Conan, Shameless, and Bones. In fact, her outstanding performance earned her a nomination for an award for her work in Bones.

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