Achraf Hakimi’s Net Worth: Analyzing His Potential Earnings!

achraf hakimi net worth

Achraf Hakimi Mouh is a professional football player who goes by the name Achraf Hakimi. He plays for PSG right now. The player plays right back and also has the ability to play right wing-back.

The player was born in Spain to parents who were from Morocco. He is on the team for the country of Morocco. He played for Real Madrid and Inter Milan in the past. Achraf Hakimi has been talked about in the news for a few days now.

The player is supposedly being looked into. The PSG player is being charged with rape by a 24-year-old woman. Even though there is no proof against the player, this has made his personal life more complicated.

After the player was accused of rape, his wife, Hiba Abouk, gave him divorce papers.

Achraf Hakimi Net Worth


Achraf Hakimi’s move from Real Madrid to Paris Saint-Germain via loan stints at Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan has been a hot topic in the transfer market for a long time.

Achraf Hakimi has been a star for both his club and his country over the last five seasons when he has played in over 220 games. says that Hakimi’s net worth as of 2023 is about £8.2 million Euros.

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Achraf Hakimi Salary

Hakimi joined PSG in 2021 for a trade fee of €60 million, and he said that he would make £157,692 per week to play for Paris in 2023. Hakimi is said to make £8.2 million per year. His deal with Paris Saint Germain runs out in the summer of 2026.

Achraf Hakimi Value


Hakimi is a great right-back because of how well he can dribble and how many different things he can do on the field. He has also gotten better at defense over the years, and he now plays with three or four players at the back.

His market worth is a staggering £65 million. The club’s contract with him will end in the summer of 2026.

Achraf Hakimi’s Mother Could Have Helped Him Hide Money From His Wife


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 Achraf and Hiba are going to end their short marriage, and the question of how to divide their assets is at the top of the list.

Some people think the pro athlete’s move to keep ownership of his jaw-dropping net worth through his mother was brilliant, while others think it was sneaky. In divorce procedures, Hiba is said to have asked for half of her ex-husband’s earnings.

However, she found out that he owns nothing and that all of his assets and earnings are in the name of his mother. Reports say that Achraf even had his mother buy him things like cars, clothes, and gold.

It is said that as much as 80% of Achraf’s net worth is in the name of his mother.

Given this strange way of handling money, the homes and income he put in his mother’s name may mean that Hiba will get a lot less than she expected.

Fans have different opinions online about whether or not Achraf and his mom worked together to protect his assets during the split. On Twitter, people both liked and didn’t like the world star.

Achraf Is Also Being Accused of Bad Things Right Now


The divorce between Achraf and Hiba is like a soap show, and the former Real Madrid player was charged with rape in Paris in early March 2023, according to the French newspaper Le Monde.

Achraf has said that he didn’t do anything wrong, and his team is apparently standing by him at the moment. In fact, his lawyer, Fanny Colin, said in a statement that “a racketeering attempt” was made against her client.

The player is being looked at by the courts while more information is gathered. At the time of writing, he is still allowed to play for Paris Saint-Germain.