Ryan Seacrest’s Girlfriend Aubrey Paige Makes Rare Appearance on ‘Live’ for His Final Show as Co-Host!

ryan seacrest girlfriend aubrey paige shows support final live episode with kelly ripa

Ryan Seacrest’s last day as co-host of the syndicated ABC afternoon shows Live with Kelly and Ryan was Friday. He was joined by Kelly Ripa for his last day on the show, which he had been a part of for six years.

It was a sad show, and both Seacrest, who is 48, and Ripa, who is 52, cried as they talked about the good times they had together. But it was also a happy hour for Seacrest because people he cares about, like his girlfriend Aubrey Paige, came to cheer him on.

Paige, who is 26 years old, later wrote, “Cheers to you, my love,” on Instagram. “Ryan, never have I ever met a more amazing man.

You make it look so easy, but the truth is that you are the best at what you do. I am so, so happy for you. Not just for how hard you work, but also for how kind you are and how much you love other people.”

She went on, “I am so excited for this next part of your life and our lives.” “May every moment be filled with total presence, joy, and rest. Things will get better.

“We will all keep our same mailing addresses in case there is ever a wedding invitation,” Ripa told Seacrest about his relationship with Paige, which has been going on since 2021. “On the off chance!”

Seacrest’s parents and sister were also in the crowd and later joined him on stage for a toast. Seacrest’s 4-year-old sister Flora even showed up in a video to wish her Uncle Ry Ry well and tell him, “I’m so proud of you.”

 ryan seacrest girlfriend aubrey paige shows support final live episode with kelly ripa

The long-running talk show’s Live with Kelly and Ryan segment came to an end in the morning. The show’s name will change to “Live with Kelly and Mark” on Monday, when Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, takes over for Seacrest.

Consuelos was also there to see Seacrest off. He surprised his friend by giving him a cake in the shape of a can of sardines.

“You’re such a pro, you make it look easy, but we all know it’s not,” Consuelos, who is 52 years old, told Seacrest before they passed the mug ceremonially. “I’ll never forget how nice you were and how sure you made me.

I love you.” But Ripa and Seacrest’s friendship was the real highlight of the hour, with clips from Seacrest’s time on the show showing how much fun they had together.

At the end of the show, Ripa said, “This has been the fastest six years of my life.” “Even though you and I have been friends for a long time, I feel like I got a younger brother/older son through this process, which is the strangest feeling.

I’m so glad that our success on this show has brought us closer together, but also made us more dependent on each other. “For a long time, Ryan’s job has been to be the person who shows off the skills of other people.

 ryan seacrest girlfriend aubrey paige shows support final live episode with kelly ripa

But on our show, I feel like you were able to show the world how talented you are,” she said. “I used to joke that you were like an onion with all these levels. But really, you’re like an onion that’s about to bloom.

You have many levels of goodness, kindness, and charm, and your generosity is unmatched.” She also said, “From the bottom of my heart and all of our hearts, we just want to thank you for being great and for bringing something new and real to this show.”

You will always be our family. We’ll never have to say goodbye. We’ll just say, “We’ll see you soon.” Ripa’s words seemed to touch Seacrest, who fought back tears as he said his last goodbye.

He said, “I am a very lucky man.” “I want everyone to know that I’m aware of how lucky I am… I’ve spent my entire career talking. Talking on the radio and talk shows on TV. Words are what I do for a living, but it’s hard to describe how much I’ve enjoyed being here and with you today.


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 He then thanked the fans, Disney/ABC, and the Live staff, including WABC-TV’s vice president of programming Art Moore and executive producer Michael Gelman, who has been with the show for a long time.

“This is a unique spot. “There’s no place like this,” he said, reminiscing about “the people, the places, the stunts, the games, the interviews, the food,” and even “the flaws” that were shown every day on the show.

Then Seacrest thanked Ripa and told her how much he cared about his co-host and friend. “I so appreciate your leadership and love, and I will miss you… at least for the weekend,” he joked.

“You took this stranger from L.A. and made me part of your family. You welcomed me into this well-oiled machine that you have been running for so many years,” he said.

A video farewell from Michael Bublé and a visit from First Lady Dr. Jill Biden were also highlights of the show.

In February, Seacrest revealed on Live that he would be leaving the show and moving back to the West Coast before American Idol’s live shows in Los Angeles. This was the first time anyone heard that Seacrest was leaving.

Seacrest said on his show that leaving was a “tough, tough” and “bittersweet” choice. As he did on his last show on Friday, Seacrest paid tribute to his friendship with Ripa in the news of his departure.


He said in a statement, “Working with Kelly for the past six years has been a dream job and one of the best parts of my career.” “She has been a great partner, friend, and confidant, and I will miss our mornings together even though we will always be in each other’s lives.”

“I also want to thank Michael Gelman and the rest of the staff and crew. We’ve made memories that will last a lifetime, met some of the most amazing people, and been welcomed with open arms into the homes of so many Americans,” he said.

“It’s been a fun ride, and I’m excited to pass the torch to Mark, Kelly’s “real” husband. In a statement, Ripa said, “I’m so thankful to have spent the last six years with my good friend of too many decades to count.

I’ll miss starting my days with Ryan. Ryan has a unique amount of energy, drive, and love for entertainment. In February, she told Seacrest on the show, “I can’t thank you enough on behalf of all of us.” “There is nobody else like you.


No one else can do what you do as well as you do. I know you both in real life and on TV. I only say this about a small number of people: you get what you see. This is not a show, he is a good person.


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I can’t say enough good things about you.” Since then, they’ve been enjoying their last few months on the show and Ripa has told sources that the change will be easy. “Nothing will really change, just the name on the mug,” Ripa said, adding that Seacrest and Consuelos are “like brothers” and that Seacrest is family.

“Ryan is kind of like my middle child and my brother at the same time. So you know it will go smoothly.” Ripa and Seacrest have both said that he will sometimes fill in on the show.

Ripa told sources that it’s “less likely” that she and Consuelos’s three grown children, Michael, 25, Lola, 21, and Joaquin, 20, will make regular appearances on the show.

“Sometimes they’ll come on the show as a favor to Mom,” she said, “but if they feel like we’re forcing them on, I’m sure they’ll run away from that idea.”