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When Will King’s Game Anime Season 2 Return: The Animated Series on AT-X?

King's Game Anime Season 2

There have been many media adaptations of the story of a fatal game in which everyone loses save the winner, but “King’s Game” stands out as one of the best anime depictions of the genre. King’s Game, also known as Sama Game and King’s Game: The Animation is an anime film released in 2017 that is based on a series of cell phone novels authored by Nobuaki Kanazawa and created by the animation studio Seven.

High school kids are put into a deadly game by an unknown figure called the “King,” who demands that they complete more complex and chaotic chores or perish. It’s worth noting that “King’s Game” is 10 times more gory and savage than the hit Korean live-action TV show “Squid Game”.

Which Can Be found on Netflix and depicts a similar deadly competition for a great sum of money. The first season of the anime only features 12 episodes, and for years, viewers have been hoping for confirmation of a second season.

What Is the Release Date of King’s Game Season 2?

Fans of “King’s Game” have had to wait since the release of the first season in late 2017 for any sort of official information on the show’s continuation. As a result, the show’s future status is currently unknown. There is no compelling narrative reason for the show to terminate, especially because it is simple to bring an entirely new group of youngsters into a new iteration of the deadly game.

In addition, many anime return with new seasons some years after the release of the previous season, so it’s not out of the question that a second season is in the works. The earliest that fans will see new episodes air is likely in 2023, given the lack of any news on “King’s Game” Season 2, if one is in development.

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What Will King’s Game Season 2 Be About?

There are several potential paths for a second season of King’s Game to take, despite the fact that the first season’s story of Nobuaki and the other characters is obviously concluded. As was previously suggested, “King’s Game” might adopt one of the source material’s spinoff stories or feature a completely new King’s Game set in a different part of Japan with new characters.

Natsuko, the protagonist of the anime, has her own prequel manga titled “King’s Game: Visit,” which details the game she plays and survives in order to qualify for the tournament featured in the anime. Natsuko’s harrowing experience in the previous game swiftly transforms her into a crazed, aggressive girl in the television series who will do anything to ensure her own survival.

There’s also “King’s Game: Origin,” which takes place 32 years before the events of “King’s Game” at the Yonaki Village, and which may be covered on the show. The gruesome demise of the entire village is set in motion when one of the villagers receives a mysterious black envelope.

It’s clear that there’s a lot more to discover in the “King’s Game” horror genre, regardless of the decisions made for a prospective Season 2. As for whether or if the creators of “King’s Game” will return to that universe, fans will simply have to wait and see.

Characters, Cast, and Staff of King’s Game Season 2

Character Cast
Kaname Sudou Yuusuke Kobayashi
Shuka Karino Reina Ueda
Ryuuji Maesaka Taku Yashiro
Sui Yumiri Hanamori

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In my time, I’ve seen some dross. There are anime that I sincerely wish I could go back and watch again, anime that made me regret the time I spent watching it, and anime that I simply slept through. Master of Martial Hearts, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Fight Iczer III, and Oreimo Season 2 are examples of travesties.

Despite swearing never to watch them again, these are the anime that can still wake me up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. It’s possible that King’s Game will be even worse. It’s possibly the worst anime I’ve ever had the misfortune to see.

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