Why RHONJ Star “Jennifer Aydin” Divorce With His Wife Margaret Josephs?

Jennifer Aydin Divorce

Television personality Jennifer Aydin is well known for her work on RHONJ. She was born on April 16, 1977, in Queens, New York, and started her career after earning a business degree from Hofstra University. After being engaged to her spouse in 2002, Aydin later launched her own jewelry store.

Fans first met Jennifer Aydin’s husband, Bill, and their five children, Justin, Gabby, Jacob, Christian, and Olivia, when she joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey in Season 9. The couple has endured negative comments about their union over the years, with Jennifer’s co-star Margaret Josephs even claiming that she married Bill for his wealth.

New information regarding the couple’s private lives, including Bill’s affair from ten years ago, has now surfaced in Season 12. Although Margaret revealed the affair during Teresa’s pool party, Jennifer had been aware of it since shortly after it ended. Since then, Jennifer has been doubting her ability to truly move over the affair and save her marriage.

Did Jennifer Aydin Ever Consider Divorcing Bill Aydin?

Margaret was informed by Jennifer Aydin that she and Bill hadn’t really discussed his affair. In the RHONJ episode airing on March 22, Jennifer and Margaret had a coffee date in an effort to mend their relationship. Jennifer, who has spent a decade attempting to hide the affair from her children, expresses how devastated she is by what Margaret did.

Jennifer Aydin Divorce

Margaret adds she “can’t imagine” what it was like for Jennifer to keep the affair hidden and go through all of that alone as she leans out and takes Jennifer’s hand. If Margaret had known that Jennifer never informed anyone, she swears she would have kept the affair a secret.

Then Jennifer says that although she attempted to ignore the affair for a very long time, she hasn’t been able to move on because she never really addressed it. She continues by saying that they haven’t even truly talked about it. I feel so horrible that I don’t even feel comfortable telling him about it, Jennifer says.

Jennifer believes Margaret Josephs planned her ‘RHONJ’ affair bombshell

Margaret and Jennifer had previously argued over infidelity. Jennifer criticized Margaret on the Season 11 reunion for being so candid about cheating on her first husband with her current partner, Joe. Margaret complained that Jennifer wasn’t being “honest” about the realities of her marriage as she talked about how pleased she was with her own union.

Jennifer Aydin Divorce

Although Margaret’s remark may have originally puzzled viewers of the show, she quickly clarified her meaning, and Jennifer thinks she did it on purpose. Jennifer claimed that the conversation with Margaret felt “premeditated” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight as retaliation for the comments she made during Season 11.

Jennifer said, “I’m sure she was planning it.” “Like, what, are you trying to make me look bad in front of everyone? to join forces against me? That’s not something I’ll accept. So it’s one of the things that prompted me to refer to Margaret as a snake.

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Jennifer Aydin Divorce

However, if you go back to the very beginning, you’ll realize that most of the time, Margaret is the one who provokes my response when she says something to me.
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