The Thing That Was Invented By A Secretary And Sold For 47 Million Dollars

which item was invented by a secretary and later sold for $47 million dollars?

Liquid paper, also called “correction fluid,” is a type of white paint or ink that is used to cover up typing or writing mistakes. Most students, teachers, and even businesspeople use this to fix mistakes in their papers before turning them in or submitting them.

In 1951, a woman named Bette Nesmith Graham created wet paper, which is an interesting fact. She was a secretary at a bank in Dallas, Texas, at the time, and she needed a way to hide the mistakes she made while typing. She started trying different recipes in her kitchen until she found one that worked.

Several Kinds of Wet Paper


Paper: Liquid is a clear, water-based solution that can be used to hide a mistake. It comes in small bottles. You can take the lid off and use it as much as you want. When the paint is dry, you can remove the Mistake and write over it.

It is a quick and easy way to get rid of mistakes that usually can’t be fixed. Corrective Tape Tape is the easiest way to get the wet paper. It is a clear white tape that you use to hide your mistake. You can put pressure on the mistake with the tape and quickly write over it.

Pen: Another type of liquid paper that comes in a big pen is called a “Corrective Pen.” Before you fix your mistakes, shake the pen and let it dry.

Liquid Paper is still used in many ways by many people today. It can be bought at grocery stores, stationery stores, Walmart, convenience shops, and office supply stores like Staples. So, how did a secretary come up with something so useful?

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Who Thought of Making Liquid Paper?

Bette Nesmith Graham was the person who came up with liquid paper. In 1924, she was born in Dallas, Texas. When she was only six years old, her father died, and her mother had a hard time taking care of the family.

As a result, Bette had to drop out of school and get a job to help make things meet. At age 22, Bette worked at Texas Bank and Trust as a secretary. One day, while entering a letter, she made a mistake and couldn’t fix it.

In a moment of anger, Bette went to the art supply room, grabbed a bottle of gum-based paint, water-based paint, tacky cement tones, etc., and used it to cover up her mistake. She used a mixer in her kitchen to do these moves.

The paint worked great and dried quickly, so she had no trouble getting the letter done. Bette soon learned that she wasn’t the only person who made typing mistakes and that her idea might be useful. She started selling bottles of “Slip up out” out of the trunk of her car with her brother.

The product was a huge hit right away, and in just a few years, Bette had built a small kingdom. Bette changed the name of her “Liquid Paper” product and started making it in large quantities in a plant in 1958.

Her business grew quickly, and she made a million dollars. Bette sold her business to Gillette for $47.5 million in 1979. She died of cancer in 1980, but people all over the world still use the thing she made.

Fascinating Facts About Bette Nesmith


Bette Nesmith was born in 1924 in Dallas, Texas, where she grew up. She couldn’t go to school anymore. Ms. Bette became a star worth $25 million after she made liquid paper.

During the process, she started keeping track of them so she wouldn’t have to deal with the results of her mistakes. She had to figure out how to get rid of or fix them. So, the idea for liquid paper came to be!

The other facts about Bette were:

  • When she was 30, she started working at Texas Bank, earning $300 monthly.
  • Bette’s profession enabled her to support her family and fulfill her obligations.
  • Bette was the first to use printed materials on paper for her mistakes before word processors like MS Word and typewriters.
  • Nesmith’s dumb mistakes were minimized, provided she didn’t repeat them.
  • Bette might be able to control her nerves by not noticing common blunders, such as a pen running out of ink.
  • Bette’s company continued to produce and sell her invention even after her death.
  • Bette’s brother, Mike Nesmith, was in the Air Force when he got wind of his sister’s invention. He quit the Air Force and became Bette’s business partner.
  • Bette took typing and shorthand courses in high school but never graduated because she had to drop out and get a job to help support her family.
  • Bette’s mother, Katherine Nesmith, was a school teacher and her father, Albert Graham, was an accountant.

Intriguing Information About Liquid Paper:

These are some of the current facts about liquid paper.

  • It is still in use up to this day, more than 50 years after its creation.
  • You can fix mistakes on paper with less effort and more time.
  • The rectification liquid typically has a water base.
  • Their first sale of Liquid Paper is in Dallas, specifically in a stationery store.
  • Bette made the first batch of Mistake Out in her kitchen using water-based paint and an anti-misting ingredient.
  • Ms. Bette was a substitute secretary and created the system all by herself.
  • Ms. Bette lost her job after the liquid paper she had developed was released.
  • The liquid paper sold for $47,000,000.00 in 1979.

How Ready Was Bette to Make Something Worth $47 Million?


Bette forgot to give anyone on the lookout for any things that could be sold. She was tired of making the same mistakes over and over again which made her job harder. She was sad and antsy, which made it hard for her to lose her job.

Bette tried a lot of different things to fix what she did wrong, but none of them worked. She found a way to fix mistakes like “Which thing was invented and later sold for $47 million?” that came from outer space.

This is a question that many people ask today. She used a painting brush, white paint, and gum to make paper that was very fluid. In the end, they found out that Gillette Corporation had offered $47 million to buy the liquid paper.

Michael Nesmith is the son of Bette Nesmith. As a member of the band “The Monkees,” he also sees another side of himself. Bette Nesmith worked as a secretary at a bank in Texas. The liquid paper was her go-to fix-it liquid, which she used to fix typing mistakes.

When it was sold, it was a big hit. Michael, Bette’s son, thought that his mother’s idea was a fad that would not last. He was mistaken! People are still using the product more than 50 years after it was first made.

The product is still one of the most famous and best-selling ways to fix mistakes on paper. Most of the time, the correction liquid has a water base. Over the years, many people have tried to copy Liquid Paper, but Bette Nesmith Graham’s original is still the best!

One Last Thing

Bette Nesmith Graham was a great woman who got through a lot in her life. She was a single mom who had to quit high school to take care of her kids. Even so, Bette made Liquid Paper, which is one of the most famous and best-selling products of all time.

Her idea changed the world, and she is an inspiration to all of us. Bette’s story shows how we can make our dreams come true if we have good ideas and work hard. Even though she faced many problems in her life, she was able to reach her goal and make a change.

Everyone can learn something from her, and we all try to reach our goals, no matter how far away or hard they seem. Bette is to blame if you’ve ever made a mistake while working or writing.