Anime ‘Hi-Drivers’ Release Date: Is it Happening? What Fans Can Expect?


Hi-DRIVERS!, the theme song to the upcoming racing anime, now has an animated music video, also available on the show’s official YouTube channel. This music video is reminiscent of an idol anime, as the anime’s characters sing and dance to the song.

A music video for the show’s theme song, “Hi-DRIVERS!” has been posted to the official Hi-YouTube DRIVERS account in anticipation of the upcoming animated racing film. The anime characters sing and dance in this music video, giving it an “anime idol” feel.

God Tenbar, at Mt. Fuji’s base, is where the events of Hi-Drivers take place, and it is a city with many different neighborhoods, each with its own culture and aesthetic. Teams from these jurisdictions meet once a month for the Saturday Night Million racing competition.

Hi-Drivers Anime Release Date


The official announcement of Hi-Drivers indicates that the series will debut in 2023. People who watch the show began to worry about when it would be released when the anime series was announced.

“Hello, drivers!” Love Live! and Kinomo Friends Season 2 Assistant Director are among Naoya Ando’s music video credits. Sunshine!! Character animation is directed by Tomoyuki Fujii, and mechanical and effect animation is directed by Tomohiro Kawahara.

The show’s director and character designer were initially identified as Andou and Fujii, with Illustrator Pako serving as the original character designer and Sunrise as the animation studio.

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Anime Trailer for Hi-Driver

Don’t worry if you accidentally missed the anime series trailer. The official teaser and trailer for the show have already been made public by the producers. Here it is if you want to watch it. View the series’ official trailer to learn the most recent information.

Hi-Drivers Anime Cast

In light of the recent release of Hi-DRIVERS’s new teaser video, main photo, main cast, and main staff, street racing has officially begun. In a multi-genre effort, Bandai Namco Arts are planning an original TV animation.


  • Director: Naoya Andou
  • Original character designs: Pako
  • Character design: Tomoyuki Fujii
  • Mitsunori Ikeda for Night Break.
  • JUVENILE for Nanairo Monster.
  • TeddyLoid for Sin Destiny.
  • Motsu for Djungarian

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How Fans Reacted to The Trailer?

The trailer has already received more than three million reviews. Don’t worry if you haven’t watched it. The anime series received favorable feedback from viewers. Been repeating this ever since the MV came out, someone exclaimed. Words cannot express how much I adore this music video.

Everything about it is flawless, from the animation to the transitions to the singing and choreography, and the fact that it is accessible in 4K quality makes every frame worth a screenshot due to its fluidity. awaiting the forthcoming items with anticipation!

Even Though I first came for Yuhi, especially Djungarian because Jin has had so many moments here. Some people exclaimed, “It’s finally arrived! And well worth the wait, this is truly magical in every way!

I adore how everything was made with such care that when everything was put together, it created such a stunning work of art, from the chic and fashionable character designs to the gorgeous HD 4K resolution of the animation to the earworm of a song and the talented voice cast.

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When one team wins, people and resources flock to that area, while when the other team loses, it seems like “everything is lost.” The show’s protagonists are all members of Night Break, a rising racing team that a legendary competitor unexpectedly formed.