How To Get Someone Off Your Instagram Block!


You’ve blocked someone on Instagram. But it’s time to open them now, for whatever reason.

Blocking is a great way to stop someone from seeing your posts briefly, but it works best if you also make your account private. But sometimes, we make up with someone and want them back in our lives.

Let’s look at how to block people on Instagram and how to unblock them on both the web and mobile apps.

What Happens When You Stop Someone on Instagram or Take That Block Away?


When you block someone on Instagram, you stop that person from:

  • View your posts and stories.
  • Find you using the search tool.
  • Contacting you via private message.
  • Follow you (when you block someone, they automatically unfollow you).

When you block an account, its content will be hidden. Any posts you liked from that page will also be hidden until you unblock that user again, at which point your likes will come back.

Remember that if you block someone but leave your account public, they can still see your posts by logging out of Instagram.

To change how private your account is:

  • On Android, tap on the tab that says “Profile,” then tap on the picture with three horizontal lines. Here, you can choose Settings and turn on or off the Private Account choice.
  • The Internet: Sign in to and click on the profile icon in the top left area. Click the gear-shaped Settings button, then choose Privacy and Security and turn on the Private Account option.

When you allow someone, they will be able to see your posts and stories, find you again, and send you messages. But they won’t instantly follow you again. If you want them to, you’ll have to let them know.

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How Do You Get Someone Unblocked on Instagram?

If you remember the name of the account you stopped, you can use the search bar to find it. Tap the name to see the picture, then tap the “Unblock” button.

You’ll be asked to confirm that you still want to do this. To do this, click Unblock. Depending on your device and the version of the app you’re using, you may also be able to click the big blue “Unblock” button on the personal page.

How To Use the Web to Unblock Someone On Instagram


Search for the person you want to allow on the Instagram website. You might find that their name shows up lower in the search results than other accounts with similar names. If you know their exact name, you can go to (replace username with the account username).

Now, you can either click the account menu button and choose “Unblock this User” or hit the big blue “Unblock” button. You’ll be asked to confirm your choice. To do this, click Unblock.

How to See a List of Users You’ve Blocked on Instagram

You can’t get to your blocked list on Instagram from the web right now. You can look at your blocked list on an iOS or Android device if you can’t remember the name of a person or if you just want to.

Open Instagram and go to the settings page. Tap “Privacy” and then “Blocked Accounts.” Tap on an account to see it, and then follow the steps above to unlock it.

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How To Get Back in Touch with Someone Who Has Blocked You


There are a few ways to get around the old “double block” that makes it harder to clear someone. It works best if you know the name of the account, given that the name hasn’t changed.

  • On Android

Make a new direct message to yourself. In the body of the message, put the username of the account you want to allow. Once the message is sent, tap on the user’s name and clear as usual. If you’re not sure, check out how to check Instagram direct texts online.

  • The Internet

Sign in to with a web browser, and then type, where the username is the name of the account you want to disable. Unblock as usual when you see the page.

Follow Unblocked Accounts Again, but Don’t Forget!


When you block an account, you stop following it immediately. If you unblock someone and want to see their posts again, you’ll need to go back to their page and follow them again.

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Have a Secret Account? Instead, Remove the Followers

You can get rid of people you don’t want to talk to on Instagram by blocking them, but you can also make your account private.

Instead, users must ask permission from the person who owns the account. This is basically a whitelist of people who are allowed to follow the account. If you want to keep your information private, the secret account option is a good choice.

You won’t have to block anyone if you use it this way. You can use Instagram again the way it was meant to be used.