How to Reset Your Apple ID Password in a Few Easy Steps!

Apple ID Password Reset

One of the main methods used by Apple users to access corporate services is their Apple ID. Although you may use the phrases “iCloud” and “Apple ID” interchangeably, it is OK to use either term. What happens if you forget the password for your Apple ID? There is no reason to panic, though. Let us demonstrate to you how to change the password for your Apple ID.

You can only access your account using devices you trust if two-factor authentication is activated. With iOS 9 or later, your trusted devices can be an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It might even be your MacBook or Mac. A password with a six-digit verification code is required after you log in to a new device for the first time. It will either be texted to your phone number or shown on your other devices.

You can verify that you trust the new device by entering the code. You won’t require a verification code once more on the device till you sign out. You can reset your Apple ID for the iCloud password if you have two-factor authentication enabled. However, only your trusted devices can do this.

How To Reset Your Apple ID Password

You can reset your password by going into your Apple ID account at and taking the procedures listed below:

Apple ID Password Reset

1. Go to and click “Sign In” before selecting “Forgot Your Apple ID or Password” in the page’s center to start the procedure. If you previously selected the “Remember me” checkbox, you may have noticed that the sign-in screen will automatically fill in your password. So pay attention to it, and if it works, you may just login to your account without having to reset your password.

2. After that, you will be directed to a page where you must enter your Apple ID, which is typically your primary email address.

3. If your Apple Id has a phone number attached to it, you will be prompted to input it on the following page. After that, you can reset the password by using any linked device. If you don’t have two factor authentication enabled, continue to the next step because this only works if you have.

4. You will now be led to a new page where you must enter your name and the account’s email address. Then pick “I need to reset my password” and press proceed.

5. You may now select the technique you want to use to reset your password. You have a choice of several options, including mail or by responding to a series of security questions.

6. Apple will send you instructions to your primary email address if you choose the email method. To find out if you have received the mail or not, verify your email address. If the email is not there, make sure to check your spam folder.

7. You must click the password reset link in the email as soon as you receive it. Afterward, create a new password by providing your date of birth and responding to a few security questions.

How to Reset Your Apple Id Password Using Apple Support App

If none of your trusted devices are usable, you can use the Find My iPhone or Apple support apps on a friend’s or family member’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to reset your Apple ID password. Request the Apple Support app installation from the device’s owner. Then select the Security and Password topic.

Apple ID Password Reset

Click “Reset Apple ID password” after that. Then select “A different Apple ID” after clicking on get started. To reset your password, input your Apple ID here and then select the next option. Continue to follow the instructions on your phone’s screen until you get the confirmation.