How To Put The Google Drive App On Your Pc So That All Your Files Are In Sync!

google drive on desktop

People like Google Drive because it has free programs, is easy to use, and works with Gmail and other Google goods. You can also put Google Drive on your desktop, which will allow your computer to instantly sync your files with Google Drive.

Here’s how to put Google Drive on your PC or Mac screen.

What is Google Drive On Your Computer?

Google Drive for Desktop is a desktop app that lets you get to your Google Drive account’s files quickly and easily. This is especially helpful when working with other people since any changes are shared with everyone instantly.

How to Get Google Drive on Your Computer

1. Click Download Drive for Desktop on the Google Drive files page.

Click the blue Download Drive for desktop button that is located in the middle-left side of the screen, about half way from the middle to the left edge.

2. In your web browser, a file called “GoogleDriveSetup.exe” (or “GoogleDrive.dmg” on a Mac) will start to download.

Open the executable file that downloads onto your computer from Google.

3. When the program is done downloading, click on it to start the installation process, and then follow the directions on the screen.

A screenshot of the Windows installer that runs when you click on GoogleDriveSetup.exe.

4. When the process is done, click Close to close the pop-up window.

The Google Drive installer when it has completed installing with the Close button highlighted.

5. You should now see Google Drive on your screen. Find the Sign in to Google Drive window and click Sign in with the browser.

The Google Drive login success screen.

6. Type in your Gmail account, click Next, type in your Gmail password, and then click Next. Click Sign In on the new page that comes up to prove that you downloaded the app from Google.

In your preferences, you can add files that you want Google Drive to sync. On Windows, you can do this by right-clicking the Google Drive icon in the system tray, clicking the gear icon, choosing Preferences, and clicking the Add folder button.

After you download Google Drive to your desktop, you’ll see shortcuts to Drive programs like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides if you decided to make them during installation.

How To Stop Sync or Check on Its Progress

To pause syncing:

  1. Click Drive for desktop.
  2. Click the Settings gear icon and then Pause Syncing.

You can check the progress of your sync in two ways: on the web or on your computer.

When you see the message Upload full, sync is done on the web.

On your computer, files that are marked “Sync” haven’t been uploaded yet, while files that are marked “Done” have been uploaded successfully and can now be accessed from any device that is signed into your Drive account.