How Does Clearing The Cache On Your iPhone Impact App Performance?

How Does Clearing The Cache On Your iPhone Impact App Performance?

How many tabs are you looking at on your phone right now? Check it out—you might be amazed at what you find.

People in the U.S. use their phones for more than five hours a day. That’s more than five hours of your iPhone possibly accessing, getting, and saving cache and cookies, which can take up a lot of space on your iPhone.

What Does Cache Mean?

how_to_clear_iphone_cache_main-7337123A cache is a way to temporarily store some information, like parts of a website from the last time you viewed it. Browser cache is information from a website that is stored on your phone during a browser session to help the browser run faster the next time you visit that page.

How To Clear Cache on iPhone?

What you’ll need: All you will need to clear your browser cache is within the iPhone’s settings app, so you’ll only need your iPhone to do this.

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Important: Clearing the cache will clear private data as it closes all open tabs in Safari, which means doing this will likely log you out of any websites, prompting you to sign in again the next time you open them.

1. Go to Your iPhone’s Settings App

In order to delete the cached data from Safari, you’ll have to open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Select Safari From The List

Within Settings, scroll down until Safari comes up, then tap on it to select it.

3. Find a Button For Clear History and Website Data

To clear the app cache, scroll down through the Safari options, until you find a button for Clear History and Website Data. Tap on it to get started clearing the browser cache.

4. Confirm You Want To Clear The Browser Cache

A pop-up will appear, press Clear History and Data to confirm you want to clear browsing data within Safari.

After confirming, the browser cache and cookies in Safari are deleted from your iPhone, but your autofill information should still be on your device. Cached images and browser history are also deleted, and you’ll be logged out of any websites you were previously logged into.