Is Katy Tur Pregnant Again in 2023? The Truth About Her Pregnancy Rumors!

Is Katy Tur Pregnant

Born on October 26, 1983, Katerine Bear Tur, better known by her stage name Katy Tur, is a talented broadcast journalist who currently serves as a correspondent for NBC News. Being a successful journalist with a well-known name frequently attracts considerable media interest from your admirers, who seem to want to know everything there is to know about you.

This small but crucial feature caused the fans to practically light the downpour on fire. People started wondering that she is expecting her third child as pregnancy rumors about her started to circulate online. In 2009, Kate started working for NBC at its local New York City station, WNBC-TV, before moving up to become the face of NBC News on the national web scale.

Fans are speculating that Katy Tur is pregnant, nevertheless. In the article below, let’s find out if Katy Tur is expecting. People are curious to know more about Katy Tur after seeing the headline “Is Katy Tur Pregnant” online. Discover everything by diving in. Fans do, however, question if Katy Tur is pregnant.

Is Katy Tur Pregnant Again In 2023?

The news of Katy’s pregnancy has neither been rejected nor confirmed. As a result, no news has been verified. Tur dated former MSNBC political analyst and sportscaster Keith Olbermann from 2006 to 2009. On October 27, 2017, Katy Tur wed Tony Dokoupil, a CBS News correspondent.


They have a daughter who was born in May 2021 and a son who was born in April 2019 together. Additionally, she has two stepchildren from her first union with Dokoupil. She speaks Spanish perfectly. Tur and Zoey Tur, one of her parents, had a falling out, and the two did not communicate for a while.

Tur writes about her relationship with her parents and how she was reared as the daughter of “parents as broadcast pioneers who often put themselves in harm’s way” in her book Rough Draft: A Memoir, published in 2022.

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Who Is Katy Tur’s Partner?


Tony Dokoupi is Katy’s companion. On October 27, 2017, they exchanged vows. Tony is a broadcast journalist and C.B.S. Morning’s co-anchor. Dokoupil was born on December 24, 1980, in Connecticut, and was raised in Maryland. Anthony, Tony’s father, was a pot dealer, and Ann, his mother, was a teacher.

The claim that his father worked in real estate when he was younger was a lie. He and his mother also moved to Maryland when he was six years old, where he attended Severna Park High School.

A Look Into Katy Tur’s Married Life

The love of her life, Tony Dokoupil, and Tur have been blissfully married for almost five years after exchanging vows in 2017. On October 27, the lovely couple exchanged vows and said “I do,” and in a few months they will raise a glass to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.


Keith Olbermann, a political pundit, and sportscaster for MSNBC from 2006 to 2009 was the author’s boyfriend prior to her encounter with Dokoupil. However, things didn’t work out for them, and eventually, they discovered someone better.

The same goes for her better half; he has children from her ex-partner from a previous relationship with a woman whose identity has remained a secret. For a better future, Katy and Tony left their past behind; they now live happily ever after with their children.

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Meet Katy Tur And Tony Dokoupil’s Children

There are already two gorgeous children living with Tur and Dokoupil, and it appears that a third one is on the way, though this is not yet confirmed. Following the author’s pregnancy announcement on December 13, 2018, the couple welcomed their first boy into the world in 2019.


The firstborn, who is three years old, was born on April 13 of each year under the astrological sign of Aries. Katy announced the news of her second pregnancy later in January 2021. She waited a few months before giving birth to the young princess, who will turn one on May 13, 2022.

Additionally, the NBC News correspondent also has two stepchildren from her husband’s first marriage, and they may get along well. However, the couple hasn’t shared any images of the other two on their social media, so there isn’t enough information about them.