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Why Isn’t Your Spotify Working? Find Out How To Fix It Now?

Why Isn't Your Spotify Working? Find Out How to Fix it Now?

Spotify is a very popular app that lets you stream music and podcasts in high quality. Just sign up for Spotify with your email address, and you can start listening to millions of songs by a huge number of artists from all over the World. Just like every other web service, Spotify has problems with connecting, playing, etc. Doesn’t your Spotify work? Is there something wrong with the app or with the service?

In this guide, we’ll learn more about why Spotify isn’t working and go over some simple steps for fixing it.

Why Does Spotify Not Work?

The Spotify app is available for desktops (Windows), Android phones or tablets, and iPhones or iPads.

You can get the app from the stores, log in with your passwords, and then start listening to your music. The more you use Spotify, the better it can serve you with suggestions.

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Everything is fine for now. What if Spotify suddenly stops working? If this happens to you, instead of thinking about “Why is My Spotify Not Working?” let’s find out more.

There Are Several Reasons for Spotify Not Working as Expected. Some of Those Reasons Are:

Problems With Spotify Not Working

If Spotify stops working for any of the reasons we mentioned above, then it creates issues with playback, connectivity, UI, etc.

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The Following Is a Small List of Problem User Might Experience While Spotify Is Not Working.

What To Do When Spotify Won’t Work?

Let’s Look at How Easy It Is to Fix Spotify Not Working.

1. Restart Spotify

If the Spotify App is in memory for too long, it might behave strangely. The simplest solution is to close and restart Spotify App.

2. Check the Internet Connection

Nowadays, everything is associated with the internet, especially online streaming services such as Spotify. So, make sure you have a working internet connection.

Switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data. You can also restart the Wi-Fi router to get new IP Addresses from the DHCP Server.

If you are using cellular data, try to put the Smartphone in Airplane mode for a minute or two, before switching it off. This will turn off the radios and turn them back on.

3. Update Spotify

Go to Google Play Store (for Android devices) or App Store (for iOS devices) and update the Spotify app immediately.

4. Uninstall an Update

App updates sometime make things worse. If this is the case with Spotify, try to uninstall the recent app update and see if it’s working or not.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify

You can uninstall Spotify from your device and reinstall it. This means you are likely to lose any saved data on your device.

But this solution will give Spotify a new start as you need to do everything from the scratch (login to your account, download offline music, etc.)

6. Check if Spotify is Down

The Spotify server can sometimes be the cause of the trouble. Check Downdetector to see if there are any reports of Spotify being down.

The good thing about services like Downdetector is that they collect info from users. They also keep an eye on all the big services and websites all the time.

If Spotify’s computers are having trouble, all you can do is wait for them to fix it.

7. Try Spotify Using the Web App

While Spotify App (either on your smartphone or desktop computer) is the go-to application to use the Spotify service, there is also a web version of it.

Open the Spotify Web Player. Log in with your credentials and see if you can play music or podcasts.

8. Clear App Cache and/or Data

f there is any data corruption in Spotify’s files, then deleting its cache and data is the only way to fix the problem.

In Android devices (smartphones or tablets), you can easily access an app’s properties and delete the temporary cache files or important data.

Go to Settings and then Apps. From the list of all the apps, look for Spotify and open its settings. Clear cache and data of Spotify.

Note that if you delete an app’s cache, it will delete all the temporary files on the device.

But if you delete the data, it will delete everything, including login credentials, downloaded music, etc.

So be careful before proceeding with this solution.


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