How To Access Your iPhone’s Saved Passwords?

How To Access Your iPhone's Saved Passwords?

You’re used to using Safari AutoFill on your iPhone or iPad to make and save passwords, but you don’t know where they are stored? Or maybe you just want to turn on the feature? Read on to find out how to deal with passwords on an iPhone or iPad.

Using saved passwords in Safari to sign in to websites and apps without having to put them in by hand is getting easier and easier on iPhones and iPad. But sometimes you might need to look at your passwords or change or get rid of old credentials.

We’ll also look at how to turn on Safari AutoFill Passwords on iPhone and iPad if you’re not already using it.

How To Save And Manage Passwords on iPhone And iPad?

Turn on Safari AutoFill Passwords on iPhone and iPad

Safari AutoFill Passwords is the feature that can automatically save and update your passwords on iPhone and iPad as well as offers to create automatic strong passwords when signing up for new accounts online.

7e257820-d832-11e9-befd-69226dd6b94b-cf_-5834646It’s also End-To-End Encrypted with  iCloud Keychain.

  1. On Your iPhone or  iPad, Open the Settings App
  2. Swipe Down and Choose Passwords
  3. Tap AutoFill Passwords at The Top
  4. If Not Already Turned On, Tap the Toggle Next to Auto Fill Passwords
    • If You Have a Third-Party Password Manager Installed You May See the Option to Allow Filling from Multiple Sources (e.G. 1 Password, Etc.) Along with Apple’s I Cloud Keychain
  5. Now when You Log in To Accounts, Websites, Etc. Your iPhone Will Ask if You’d Like to Auto Fill, Save/update or Auto-Create a New Password
  6. Also Consider Using Sign in With Apple or Sign in With Google/Facebook/Twitter Etc. when Creating New Accounts as It Means You Don’t Have to Create Another Unique Login and Is a More Secure Way to Manage Your Credentials.

Keep in mind you’ll need to use the Safari app (Apple’s default browser on iPhone) to take advantage of this feature.

Also, if you’d like to save your passwords from iPhone to your other Apple devices, make sure to head to the Settings app > Your name > iCloud > Keychain > toggle on iCloud Keychain.

We’ve also got a walkthrough on using 2FA AutoFill in iOS:

How to View and Edit Saved Passwords?

The easiest way to update passwords is to head to the website or app and type in the new password. Safari AutoFill Passwords will ask if you’d like to update it.

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iphone-se-2022-starlight-back-in-hand-7576719Alternatively, Here’s How To View and Edit All Your Saved Passwords Manually:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Swipe down and tap on Passwords
  3. Tap Edit in the top right corner to delete multiple logins or swipe from right to left to delete individual items.
  4. Tap on an item to see the details including the user name, password, and more
    • Choose Edit in the top right corner to manually change your stored username or password

If you see a caution icon next to a saved item (triangle with exclamation mark), that indicates you’re using the same password for multiple accounts or your password may have been compromised in a data breach.

It’s important to change your passwords for any reused or compromised passwords. Apple even includes a Change Password on Website button when you’re looking at saved passwords to easily take care of them.