How to Connect Your iPhone to Your TV or Computer!

how to mirror iphone to tv

Mirroring your iPhone on a TV or computer is a great way to share your photos, videos, and updates with other people during a show or family get-together.

On a nice Saturday night, you might also want to watch media from your device on a bigger screen. No matter what you want to do, we can show you how to mirror your iPhone to your TV or computer.

How To Connect an iPhone or iPad to A Computer Or TV?

You no longer need a tangled mess of wires to connect your phone to a bigger screen. With a few taps, iPhones can now share their screens with TVs and other computers.

First, swipe down from the top of your iPhone’s screen and tap the Screen Mirroring button, which looks like two boxes side by side. Your iPhone can now find other AirPlay-compatible devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

Remember that the gadget must be on for it to appear on this list. So, turn on the TV if it’s not there and you know it works with AirPlay.

how to mirror iphone to tv

Once you choose your TV, your iPhone will ask for the AirPlay code from your TV. Now, your TV screen should be blank except for a four-digit code. To finish connecting to AirPlay, type that number into the box on your iPhone.

You have to move quickly because the code will stop working in about 10 seconds and you’ll have to start the process over. Now, the screen of your iPhone will show up on your TV.

Go back to the Control Center and click on the Screen Sharing link to stop sharing your screen. If the screen mirroring on your iPhone isn’t working, read this to find out how to fix it.

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Maximize The iPhone Screen On Any TV

As you can see, it’s easy to mirror your iPhone to your TV if both your iPhone and TV are AirPlay-compatible. But what should you do if you want to show what’s on your iPhone on another device?

Don’t be afraid! Devices that don’t work with AirPlay can still be used. Try Replica, a simple app that uses screen reflection to put what’s on your iPad or iPhone on your TV.

The app works with streaming devices like Chromecast, Fire TV, etc., TVs like Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, etc., computers like Mac, Windows, Linux, etc., gaming systems like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, etc., and even Tesla cars!

The best part is that you only have to do two things: join and begin mirroring.

how to mirror iphone to tv

Screen Mirrored Tips For The iPhone and iPad

Using the above steps, you should be able to see what’s on your screen on the other device. Here are some more tips to make sure that your iPhone screen mirroring works well.

How To Set Up iPhone Screen Sharing With AirPlay?

We already told you how to AirPlay to TV (see How to mirror iPhone or iPad to TV and computer), but keep in mind that you may need to turn on AirPlay on your TV before you can start streaming material. Try using the TV’s settings to turn on the AirPlay feature.

Tip: One of the most common reasons why Apple TV or screen mirroring doesn’t work is a bad internet link. This is hard to figure out on your own a lot of the time. That’s why we think NetSpot is a good tool for you to have.

how to mirror iphone to tv

This is a great tool for figuring out what’s wrong with Wi-Fi and fixing it. It gives a full picture of all the networks in the area, so users can quickly find and study interference, coverage, signal strength, and other problems that can cause networks to work poorly.

NetSpot also has strong Wi-Fi heatmaps that make it easy to find dead spots and places where the signal goes out.

How to Chromecast an iPhone to a TV

With a Chromecast, a small media adapter that you can plug into your TV’s HDMI port, you can send photos, videos, music, and other material from your iPhone to the TV. Here is an easy explanation of how to do it.

how to mirror iphone to tv

First, get the Chromecast app from the Apple Store and install it. Then, start your free trial. Then, just follow the steps on the screen, which only require you to choose the device you want to copy your screen on. Remember that the app will only work with iOS 12 or later. Also, the way it works may not always be smooth.

You can also use Replica instead, which should work better.

To Chromecast, your iPhone to your TV with Replica, follow these steps:

  1. Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Launch Replica from your iPhone
  3. Find your Chromecast device in the list of devices displayed, then tap the device you want to connect to Chromecast
  4. Then Tap the Start Broadcast button.

How to Connect The iPhone to The Roku

To mirror your iPhone to a Roku, open the Control Center on your iPhone. Then tap the Screen Mirroring button and choose your Roku device from the list that appears. The last step is to type the code that shows up on your TV into your iPhone and then tap OK.

how to mirror iphone to tv


If your Roku device isn’t listed, make sure it’s turned on and on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone. To find out which Wi-Fi network your Roku device is connected to, go to Settings > Network > About on your Roku device. You can then change your Wi-Fi network by going to Settings > Network > Set up connection and selecting Wireless.

How to Hook Up an iPhone to a TV With HDMI

Now, it would be helpful to remember that the easiest way to connect an iPhone to a TV is with a good old HDMI cord. Even though AirPlay might not work for a number of reasons, such as a bad network link, iPhone to HDMI is a good plan B that you should always keep in mind.

Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter and a normal HDMI cable are needed to connect an iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone to an HDMI TV. Just connect everything and turn on your TV.

how to mirror iphone to tv

Mirroring from iPhone to TV: Final Thoughts

Now you know how to connect your iPhone to your TV, how to mirror your iPhone to a Roku, and how to make your iPhone work with Chromecast. If you have any trouble, just connect the iPhone to a TV that supports HDMI.

And don’t forget to improve your experience with the Replica mirroring app and watch better videos over fast Wi-Fi with NetSpot.

Best of all, you can try Replica and NetSpot for free for seven days as part of a trial of Setapp, which is a platform with nearly 240 great Mac, iPhone, iPad, and web apps that can help you solve any problem you face in your daily life. Check them all out for free today and see for yourself.