How To Register For A Steam Account In 8 Easy Steps?

How To Register For A Steam Account In 8 Easy Steps?

Steam is the most popular place to buy PC games. It has a lot of free and paid games, DLCs, editions, and tools for gaming. Also, when compared to console shops, discounts are common, wide, and fat.

You can sign up for a Steam account on the website. All you need is an email address.

Here’re the Steps to Open a Steam Account:

  1. Log in on Steam’s website:
    You can start by going to the Steam Store page and clicking on log-in at the top right.
  2. Join Steam:
    join-steam-8495451Click on “Join Steam” to create a new account on the next screen.
  3. Type email:
    create-account-on-steam-5376278Type your email and country of residence. We advise opening Steam without a VPN. Valve’s store can ban your account if they catch you using third-party software. Luckily, Steam works perfectly well worldwide.
    Either way, after you input your information, complete the captcha and click continue.
  4. Confirm email:
    verify-email-e1641016113836-7666916After the captcha, Steam will ask you to confirm your email. Check your inbox for a Steam email, and click on verify.
  5. Select a username and a password:
    type-account-name-and-password-2544793After confirming the captcha, Steam will allow you to choose a username and a password. Click on “Done” after you finish.

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  1. Install the Steam app:
    To download the Steam app, click on “Install Steam” at the top right of the web page. Then, click on the next page to confirm the download.
    Let the software download and click the “.exe” file to install it. After the installation, it will ask for your username and password to initiate.
  2. Open the Steam app
    open-steam-6956035Open the app after the installation.
  3. Log in to the app

Finally, input your credentials on the app, and enjoy. Remember, the username is the Steam Account name you choose in step 5.


In general, it’s easy and free to make a Steam account. You can also use the store to get as many free games as you want.

There are, however, a few restrictions. Your account is limited until either you spend $5 on Steam or someone else adds you as a friend. Some things are missing from limited accounts. For example, you can’t add other people as friends.