The Rise of John Mulaney’s Net Worth: Exploring His Most Lucrative Projects!

john mulaney net worth

John Edmund Mulaney is an actor, writer, director, and stand-up comedian from the United States. Mulaney was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He first became known for his work as a writer for the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live from 2008 to 2013.

He added too many sketches and characters, especially Stefon, a recurring character that he and Bill Hader created together. Since he left SNL, he has been back to host the show many times.

Mulaney is also known for his work as a stand-up comedian. He has done stand-up specials like “The Top Part” (2009), “New in Town” (2012), “The Comeback Kid” (2015), “Kid Gorgeous” (2018), for which he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special, and “Baby J” (2023), in which he talks about his recent time in drug rehab.

Mulaney is also known for his Netflix show for kids, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch (2019), which is a singing comedy.

He made and starred in the short-lived, semi-autobiographical Fox series Mulaney, which ran from 2014 to 2015. In a comedy team with Nick Kroll, Mulaney is known for playing George St. Geegland.

They were in the 2016 show Oh, Hello on Broadway, which was shown on TV and on Broadway. Mulaney is a co-executive producer, writer, and sometimes-actress on the IFC mockumentary series Documentary Now!, which has been airing since 2015.

He also gives Andrew Glouberman a character in Big Mouth, an animated show made by Netflix. Mulaney’s first role in a movie was as the voice of Peter Porker/Spider-Ham in the animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which came out in 2018.

Early Life


Mulaney was born in Chicago, Illinois, on August 26, 1982. His mother, Ellen, taught at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, and his father, Charles, was an attorney and partner at Skadden Arps.

John’s parents are Irish Catholics, and as a child, he served at the church. He is the third child out of five. Mulaney has always wanted to be in the entertainment business. At age seven, he joined a sketch group for kids in Chicago called “The Rugrats.”

John was asked to try out for the part of Kevin in the movie “Home Alone,” but his parents said no because he was in a club. Mulaney went to middle school in Chicago at St. Clement School. Instead of writing reports, he and his best friend put on skits about what they had learned.

John was 14 when he played Wally Webb in a play called “Our Town.” Mulaney went to St. Ignatius College Prep and then went to Georgetown University, where he majored in English and minored in religion.

John joined the school’s comedy group while he was in college. There, he met Nick Kroll and Mike Birbiglia. He later went on tour with Birbiglia, which helped him get better at being on stage.

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What is The Net Worth of John Mulaney

Celebrity Net Worth says that John Mulaney has a net worth of about $10 million. Mulaney’s star began to rise after he joined the writing staff of Saturday Night Live in 2008.

He got several Emmy Award nominations and won his first Emmy for writing the Justin Timberlake monologue with Seth Meyers and Timberlake. During his four seasons on Saturday Night Live, Mulaney helped make famous figures like “Stefon,” a recurring character played by Bill Hader in Weekend Update.

Celebrity Net Worth says that first-year actors and writers make about $7,000 per episode, which comes out to an average of about $147,000 for a 21-episode season.

During his time as a writer for Saturday Night Live, Mulaney put out a stand-up comedy album called The Top Part and a stand-up comedy show called New in Town, which debuted on Comedy Central in 2023 and is now available on Netflix.

Since then, he has been the host of Saturday Night Live five times, making him a member of the show’s prestigious Five-Timers Club.

After leaving Saturday Night Live, Mulaney went on to write for a number of TV shows, including Important Things with Demetri Martin, Documentary Now! with Fred Armisen, Bill Hader, and Seth Meyers, Oh, Hello on Broadway with fellow comedian and Georgetown University alum Nick Kroll, and the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco.

He had a few small parts on TV shows like Crashing, Portlandia, and Difficult People. He then got his own FOX sitcom, which ran for one season but was canceled in 2015.

His rise to fame continued with the release of his first two Netflix comedy specials, The Comeback Kid (2015) and Kid Gorgeous (2018), as well as John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch (2019), a musical comedy special for kids.

He has also done voice work for cartoon movies like Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, which was remade by Disney, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which made $190,2 million in the US. John Mulaney’s new comedy special, Baby J., came out on Netflix in 2023.



In 2004, after he graduated from Georgetown, Mulaney went to New York City to try to make a living as a comedian. He soon got a job as a secretary at Comedy Central.

After working for the TV company for a year, John pitched an idea for a parody of “I Love the ’80s” called “I Love the ’30s.” He and fellow comic Nick Kroll wrote the idea, but it didn’t get picked up.

Mulaney understood that his job was making it harder for him to be a comedian, so he quit to work on his craft. Over the next four years, John kept writing and performing. In 2008, when he appeared on several big late-night TV shows, he finally became known.

After he did a skit on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” Mulaney was asked to try out for “Saturday Night Live.” He didn’t do any impressions for his interview. Instead, he did stand-up comedy with character-like bits.

John didn’t have high hopes for the job, but he was put on the show’s writing team, where he stayed for four seasons. During this time, Mulaney put out a record of stand-up comedy called “The Top Part” and a special called “New in Town.”

He and actor Bill Hader came up with the SNL character “Stefon,” who is played by Hader, together. During his time at SNL, John was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series, along with the rest of the writing team.

After leaving “Saturday Night Live,” Mulaney wrote for a number of other TV shows, such as “Maya & Marty,” “Oh, Hello on Broadway,” “Documentary Now!” and the “Comedy Central Roast” of James Franco.

John also played supporting parts on the TV shows “Crashing,” “Portlandia,” and “Difficult People.” Mulaney’s third stand-up comedy show came out in 2015 and was called “The Comeback Kid.”

The show, which was on Netflix, was praised by critics. David Sims of “The Atlantic” called it “a reminder of everything that makes Mulaney so unique: stories full of well-observed details told with the confidence of someone decades older than 33.”

John was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in 2016 for his work on “The Comeback Kid.” The nomination was for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special.


In May 2017, Mulaney started his “Kid Gorgeous” stand-up comedy tour, which ran for two months. He spent seven nights at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. One of his shows was recorded for a Netflix special called “John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous at Radio City.”

The movie got good reviews from critics. Steve Greene of IndieWire called it “one of the year’s best pieces of writing.” At the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, John won the award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special for “Kid Gorgeous.”

In 2017, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Murray, and Norm MacDonald, along with Mulaney, were called to The Kennedy Center to honor David Letterman, who was getting The Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

When Letterman got his gift, he thanked John by saying, “John Mulaney, this is the future of comedy, ladies, and gentlemen.” In 2019, Mulaney went on a comedy tour with Pete Davidson called “Sundays with Pete & John.”

The shows were all sold out. Later that year, John put out a musical comedy show for kids called “John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch,” which got good reviews. Mulaney has been back to host “Saturday Night Live” four times over the years.

This makes him the fourth SNL writer to host the show even though he was never a cast member.